SAN FRANCISCO — HOVER, the technology company that transforms smartphone photos or blueprints of any property into a digital twin with valuable 3D data, announced a renewed partnership with SRS Distribution Inc., the industry-leading roofing and building materials distributor. The partnership allows contractors to place material orders directly from within the HOVER platform, saving them time and ensuring material quantities are based on accurate measurements. 

Using accurate measurements created from HOVER’s 3D model, the Direct Ordering tool automatically calculates material quantities and instantly prepares material lists for roofing and siding products, enabling contractors to easily place their orders with SRS via the company’s Roof Hub tool. HOVER and SRS Distribution’s Direct Ordering integration takes into account a contractor’s unique pricing and installation preferences and offers a single, integrated digital experience that eliminates the need for manual entry or separate ordering and streamlines what was previously a cumbersome process for ordering materials. 

"The adoption of digital technology within the building industry is accelerating rapidly, so we are excited to announce the renewal of our partnership with HOVER." said Kent Gardner, chief revenue and marketing officer for SRS. "Collectively, we are committed to working together to ensure added value in the digital space for both our current and future customers."

Pressures have mounted on exterior home improvement contractors over the last few years from supply chain related delays, homeowner demands for roofing renovation and repair, a focus within the industry to reduce construction waste, and the ever-present need for cost-savings efficiencies. The ability to calculate and order the exact quantities of roofing and siding materials contractors need directly from SRS Distribution through HOVER’s Direct Ordering tool means the accurate quantity of material gets delivered to the correct job, leading to time and cost savings for the contractor.

“We’re thrilled to expand on our continued partnership with SRS and offer Direct Ordering to their network of independent contractors,” said A.J. Altman, founder and CEO of HOVER. “The integration between HOVER and SRS’s Roof Hub is an exciting step towards driving efficiency for the built world.” 

The ability to place orders with SRS Distribution from within HOVER is available now. To learn more about how to use HOVER’s Direct Ordering on your projects today, schedule a demo.

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