ATLANTA — Georgia-Pacific recently updated the online information for its industry-leading cover board, DensDeck Prime Roof Board. The latest information may be found at

What’s new at

  • Quicker access to product information and resources defines the updated user experience, to include new product pages that walk the user through all features/benefits, test data and resources available for free download; 
  • A heightened focus on the key performance benefits of all DensDeck® roof boards, to include fire, wind, puncture, and hail protection; 
  • All four videos in the Georgia-Pacific “Four Dimensions of Durability in Roofing” series will be accessible for on-demand viewing (currently fire and wind have been published, with puncture and hail scheduled for later in 2022); and
  • Clear, engaging infographics designed to educate our audience more deeply on the DensDeck® product portfolio and which board is right for their specific application.