The supply shortage continues to affect the roofing industry and others alike, but in yet another recent incident, contractors have to contend with what supplies they do obtain being stolen.

The San Antonino Police Department (SAPD) arrested a man who allegedly stole roofing supplies from construction sites and resold them online. According to ABC-affiliated KSAT, officers arrested Jose Ricardo Moreno Vela, 33, on Wednesday and charged him with engaging in organized criminal activity. 

The SAPD conducted surveillance of Vela, noting that on Jan. 11 and 12, he and another man left their home and drove a white cargo van to a construction site. On both days, police say the men stole plywood and rolls of roofing felt from the sites of unfinished homes.

Officers stopped the van on both days to issue traffic citations and said they were able to look at the materials inside the van.

KSAT reports the materials were valued at nearly $900. Vela allegedly resold stolen supplies on OfferUp and Facebook.