The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) announced the introduction of its new "Hot Air and Induction Welding Safety Training Course" for roof system installers. The training will launch on Nov. 10 in conjunction with the MRCA's 71st Annual Conference and Expo in Milwaukee, Wis.

The new Hot Air and Induction Welding Safety Training teaches methods for identifying and controlling the hazards involved with installing roofing systems using electrically powered equipment. Each graduate will have passed a written exam and demonstrated hands-on knowledge of the safe handling of generating and welding equipment.

The MRCA says the training is the industry's only safety program that specifically addresses safety issues related to equipment and products used to hot air and induction weld modified bitumen, TPO and PVC roofing systems.

"We all know that working in the roofing industry can be hazardous," the MRCA website states. "All roof workers — whether they are working on the job site, in the yard and in the shop face daily challenges to their safety. This training program is specifically designed to help roof workers understand the nature of the hazards and how to best control the risks when working with Hot Air and Induction Welding equipment."

The program includes a review of hazard recognition and controls, first aid for some of the most common injuries, PPE requirements, fall and fire prevention and basic hazardous materials management.

The training is available in person, virtually or as a hybrid class, and is offered in English and Spanish. Visit the MRCA website for more information.