GALENA, Kan. — TAMKO Building Products LLC and JobNimbus have joined forces to make one of the most popular roofing marketing tools more accessible than ever. New discounts available to contractors enrolled in TAMKO’s new contractor loyalty program The TAMKO Edge™ puts the powerful JobNimbus CRM platform in reach of every size contractor.

As one of the “perks” of The TAMKO Edge program, all roofing contractors enrolled in the program will receive a waived orientation fee valued at $1,500 and TAMKO Certified Contractors can access even more JobNimbus savings and discounts.

“JobNimbus has the potential to help our roofing contractors dramatically improve every part of their business, so we’re excited about this upgraded offer that extends even more growth opportunities to all of our roofing contractors in The TAMKO Edge,” said Alex Hines, TAMKO vice president of sales and marketing.

JobNimbus is a one-stop-shop for roofing business tools, including customer account management, marketing emails, project management features, lead and job tracking, task management, and workflow automation, as well as work scheduling and collaboration between team members. Additionally, JobNimbus makes business operations seamless with powerful integrations with a variety of industry powerhouse tools and distributors for increased efficiency and mobile app functionality.

“On average, our JobNimbus users see 43% growth in revenue their first year of using the tools,” said Mark Olson, JobNimbus vice president of marketing and business development. “We’re confident that contractors who use JobNimbus will be more organized, more efficient, more professional and more profitable.”

Members of The TAMKO Edge program can access these new JobNimbus offers by logging into their contractor account in The TAMKO Edge portal and get details about specific tier-level savings. Learn more about The TAMKO Edge program at