The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way roofing contractors and others in the remodeling and remediation trades reach their customers. The companies that adapted well innovated in order to find new clients and some even changed how they conduct their overall business.

Adjusting to what the "new normal" is means retooling your sales and marketing strategies to align with your production process. But that’s not all, said Dave Beiler, vice president of sales and marketing at Equipter. He believes that as we emerge from the pandemic, it also requires a different approach to customers that shows your ability not only to fix the problem, but a willingness to accommodate their personal needs throughout the process.

Join Beiler, the son of a roofer, as he blends his experiences from the rooftop and the office for a free live webinar at 2 p.m., Sept. 2. Beiler knows roofing and has earned a reputation for growing sales and brand building. Roofing contractors can expect him to provide a mixture of traditional and modern techniques that can improve their businesses in this webinar. Tune in to get his unique insight on these processes, catered specifically to help roofers grow in today’s post-pandemic world by:

  • Aligning your sales and marketing
  • Enhancing your sales presentations
  • Streamlining prospect and customer communication. 

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