What if you were opening your roofing business today? Would you deploy the same systems, methods, and tactics to drive sales, keep score of people, production, and profits? Would you take advantage of the system to help you make plans for the business? And would that system add a great deal of value to not only the plan, but the enterprise moving into the future? 

Now consider, “What if there’s a better way?” Maybe it’s time for a review of your technology and how you operate your business. 

I don’t claim to be an expert on all the latest advancements in technology, but I am an expert as a consumer, and I know what I like. That doesn’t make me special; who isn’t a consumer? 

Your customers and potential customers are much savvier on tech than you may suspect. Even at my advanced age of 70, I use technology for the vast majority of my purchases. This has been advancing for me personally for decades, but the pandemic has greatly advanced the use of tech by nearly all consumers. Therefore, if you want to attract me to your business, you need to be present in my digital world so I can easily find you and do business with you.

What does that mean? Your presence on social media platforms matters and what you have to say matters as well. It’s not simply setting up a presence on Instagram or Twitter and just letting it sit. You must be engaged with some content that will interest your potential consumers. For me, I look for links to further my knowledge of the systems and products you offer. 

Some of my favorite things to discover on a contractor’s website or social are links to YouTube videos that explain some of the technical aspects of the systems and products the contractor offers. Many consumers do not want to get this far into the weeds, but some of us want to go beyond simply reading reviews. Putting yourself forward as an expert and a problem solver will set you apart from much of your competition. 

As a consumer, I love the easy pay apps. And if you offer financing, it’s vital that the process be seamless and easy. We consumers have been groomed to be impatient. Our expectations are that we can get anything we want anytime we want it. I do realize that in today’s world of supply-chain disruptions and worker shortages, this is not always possible, but you still need to keep your business processes seamless.

Do your systems allow you to seamlessly manage expectations by allowing your customers to check the status of their jobs? On their own and online? We consumers are quite accustomed to that kind of service. Our expectations have been elevated in this regard for a long time. I place an order online and if it is not coming right away, I can easily track it. 

These few instances of my experience with tech as a consumer are just the beginning. Technology changes by the minute and it is important for you to keep up with the latest. You may not always deploy the latest, but you must keep up. This month’s Roofing Contractor, with a focus on tech, is a great place to begin.