WADSWORTH, Ohio — SOPREMA® Inc. announced the donation of $5,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing of Texas. Chamberlin used SOPREMA's innovative smog-reducing ECO3 granule surfaced roofing membranes to surface a Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Terminal.

Inspired by the power of the trees, SOPREMA's ECO3 granule surfaced membranes are a unique collaborative effort between 3M™ and SOPREMA for low-slope roofing. This roofing granule is designed with a specialized photo-catalyst coating applied to the mineral that absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases in the atmosphere that are then cleaned and washed away by rainwater. This process reduces the amount of ground-level pollutants, decreasing the greenhouse effect and creating healthier communities.

"At SOPREMA, it's our mission to protect people's property, possessions and health," said Matt Davis, SOPREMA's marketing content and brand manager. "Making a product like ECO3, which helps contribute to all three, plus has a positive impact on the environment, is a big win for everyone involved. Donating to the Arbor Day Foundation to recognize Chamberlin's work with our ECO3 product line is two-fold. We are fighting smog with the power of trees, and we are helping plant more trees through the foundation!"

Each 3,000 square feet2 of ECO3 membrane has the approximate smog fighting capacity of 18 trees, with the smog fighting ability of the granule being maintained over the life of the membrane. The Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing project covered approximately 73,000 square feet2, meaning it has the smog fighting ability of about 438 trees.

"But think about it: A 20,000 square feet2 commercial roof surfaced with our ECO3 granule surfaced membrane can offset approximately 8,000 miles worth of car emissions yearly," Davis said. "That is the power of 120 trees!"

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, "natural climate solutions are moving to the forefront of sustainability discussions. Trees can help you offset carbon emissions while offering a long list of additional environmental benefits — including cleaner air and water, soil stabilization, and wildlife habitat."