TOLEDO, Ohio — Owens Corning announced Aged Copper as the 2021 Shingle Color of the Year and the fifth shingle in the Owens Corning® TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection to receive this designation.

In selecting Aged Copper as the 2021 Shingle Color of the Year, the Owens Corning team drew on the insights of exterior designers and architects as well as reflected on local and global issues that affect homeowners. Aged Copper blends granules infused with hues of orange, sage and brown to achieve a warm, welcoming effect. It delivers a balanced energy between the neutrality of minimalist shades and the intensity of stronger hues. 

“2020 has forced us to find sanctuary in our homes, but it has also allowed us to rediscover the wonder and beauty of nature, because it’s a safe space,” said Sue Burkett, strategic marketing manager at Owens Corning. “As we look toward 2021, we see homeowners creating spaces that serve as a retreat from the cares of the world.

“We were inspired to draw on the calming influences of nature to evoke a sense of natural beauty and serenity. This serene inspiration can find its way on to the roof as an ideal element for tying together an exterior color palette integrating a soothing spectrum of nature-inspired colors,” Burkett added. 

Like all colors in the Shingle Color of the Year series, Aged Copper coordinates with a broad palette of exterior colors and surfaces including brick, stone, and natural wood. The shingle’s versatility is highlighted with new inspiration boards added to the existing style boards on the Owens Corning website. Additional “design and inspire” tools, including the proprietary Design EyeQ® visualization software, and exterior design advice provided by designer Chad Esslinger, help give homeowners confidence to choose the right shingle for their home and personality 

The Shingle Color of the Year initiative recognizes and engages women influencers in roofing decisions. In 2020, Owens Corning earned the Women’s Choice Award® as America’s most recommended roofing products for the third consecutive year

Beyond aesthetics, shingle performance is critical when it comes to the home’s roof. As weather intensifies across the U.S., Aged Copper, on the Duration® Series platform, delivers the performance technology that stands up to the elements. The Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration Series line is equipped with patented SureNail® Technology and Triple Layer Protection® in the nailing zone, providing up to 2.5 times better nail pull-through resistance, up to nine times better blow-through resistance and up to two times better delamination resistance compared to competitive products.