SPARKS, Md.— Inferior tools waste time and money, plain and simple. Whether it’s an expensive specialty tool or something simpler, you need to trust that your tools can do the job you need them to do. That’s why Crescent Tools created its new line of Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears — a superior line of cutting tools that meet the high standards of professional users.

“Pros complain that scissors aren’t powerful, durable, or comfortable,” said Product Manager Noah Steen. “We took on the challenge to redefine what scissors and shears can do on the jobsite, and the result is a lineup that truly is a cut above.”

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears feature a market-leading force-to-cut ratio and superior ergonomics for greater comfort. The heavy-duty, precision-cut blades make quick work of tough jobsite materials that ordinary scissors can’t cut.

The lineup includes:

  • Electrician/Data Scissors (CW5T) with integrated wire strippers, cable cutter, and a serrated outside edge for reaming knockouts and conduit
  • Utility Shear (CW7T) with compact design (7.5 inches), a quick-release latch and a serrated bottom blade for better control when cutting.
  • All-Purpose Scissors (CW812S) with precision blades, knife-like cutting edges and ambidextrous handle design
  • Professional Shear (CW10T) with titanium-coated blades for increased durability and a comfort-grip handle
  • Left-Handed Professional Shear (CW10TL) for southpaws
  • Tradesman Shear (CW10TM) with a full-metal body and titanium-coated blades for durability, as well as a serrated bottom blade for 10 times the cutting power
  • Spring-Loaded Tradesman Shear (CW11TM) with full-metal body for durability and quick-release latch for smooth usage.

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