Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers Inc. has developed a new product lineup for 2020. The PERMAPRODUCTS Line consists of acrylic elastomeric, insulating ceramic, and waterproofing protective roof coating systems designed for any roof. This includes an improved PERMAKOTE® Roof Coating, SHINGLE SEALER™ for shingle roofs as well as an all new PERMAGLAZE™ Tile Roof Sealer.

The PERMAPRODUCT lineup, including elastomeric roof coatings and caulks, as well as clear and semi-transparent sealers, provide superior reflectivity, mildew resistance, energy saving and soundproofing. These outstanding products have both transferable and renewable warranties ranging from seven to 20 years, are available in beautiful finishes and custom colors and are ready for contractors and homeowners alike.

Nationwide Coating’s PERMAPRODUCT line unique formulas allow for significant energy savings. According to, having a white, reflective roof surface can reduce the roofs surface temperature up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building and reducing peak hour cooling demands. Typically, our elastomeric coatings are cooler than the air temperature in direct sunlight. Higher reflectivity equals lower energy consumption and lower cooling costs.

PERMAPRODUCTS roofing systems are easier to install and maintain than conventional tear off roof installations, and also eliminate unnecessary construction waste. This means such projects generally cost a fraction of the price of a new roof installation.

PERMAPRODUCTS unique ceramic insulation was made available with the discovery by NASA proving that a thin layer of ceramics, as used on the space shuttle, protects the astronauts from the fiery inferno encountered upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The PERMAPRODUCTS' range of products integrates a blend of ceramic borosilicate’s and various ceramic fillers that, when combined, form a true ceramic insulator.

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