Photo and story provided by R/J Group

A two-story home on the intercoastal waterway in Central Florida, and in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone, was undergoing a full remodel and in need of a new roof. R/J Group Inc. was contracted to redo the roof, ensuring it was functional, beautiful, and able to withstand severe weather. Little did anyone know the work would quickly be put to the test, as Hurricane Ian blew through only two weeks after completion.

The Challenge

The two-story home, located on Riverside Drive along the intercoastal waterway in Volusia County, Fla., was undergoing a full interior and exterior remodel. As part of the remodel, the home required a brand-new roof. The roofing project presented many unique challenges, including that the home's location in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone; limited working and staging space due to the existing lot configuration and proximity to the road and neighboring properties; the varying pitches and planes of the roof – 4/12, 6/12, 7/12, and 12/12 – and a mansard condition around the entire perimeter of the roof. The project also had 48-foot-long panels, making them difficult to store and handle.

The Solution

R/J Group, Inc. contracted with Niagara Builders to do a full shingle tear-off and then provide a new Petersen 16-inch .032 aluminum standing seam striated roof panel in the color Terracotta, with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fasteners and clips, and over high-temperature metal underlayment.

The R/J Group five-man team, overseen by foreman Jose Martinez, removed the existing asphalt shingles down to the existing plywood decking and repaired all damaged decking where needed. The team then installed a new Polyglass MRX hi-temperature metal roof underlayment as roof dry in, and custom fabricated all trim, flashings, and accessories.

Since the roof had varying pitches and mansard condition, the project presented many unique and job-specific requirements, such as flashings and trim. Even though the roof area was under 6,000 square feet, the job required more than 820 linear feet of custom-sized and custom-fabricated drip edges.

The home also had a 200-square-foot dead valley on the front. The waterproofing detail for this required a three-ply modified bitumen roof membrane covered by a custom fabricated .032 aluminum saddle, that served as both waterproofing and maintained the symmetry to ensure no loss of aesthetic value.

The Results

This project took six weeks to complete, finishing just two weeks before Hurricane Ian hit the area. The roof withstood more than 24 inches of rainfall and tropical storm-force winds for over 30 continuous hours, with no water intrusion or damage. 

"Not only did the roof perform properly in the storm; but with its varying roof pitches, multiple panels and the chosen panel color, this roof truly stands out above the rest making this a project for which R/J Group is truly proud," said R/J/ Group in a release.