TAMPA, Fla. — As hurricane season gets underway, Advanced Roofing Inc., and Advanced Green Technologies, Florida’s top-ranked commercial re-roofing and solar energy contractor, is expanding Florida West Coast operations with new facilities and new hiring plans.

To stay ahead of growing demand, the company recently acquired a 32,000-square-foot industrial building close to Tampa International Airport to house its fast-growing roofing, solar and electrical teams.

Fort Lauderdale-based Advanced Roofing and sister company Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) established a Tampa presence in 2015, buying roofing contractor Roth Bros. of Florida. Since then, Advanced Roofing and AGT have added more than 40 jobs, bringing Tampa staff to over 70 employees.

“We’re investing in Tampa Bay’s economy and community for the long term,” said CEO Rob Kornahrens. 

With both companies in the new facility, Advanced Roofing is hiring for wide-ranging jobs in its commercial roofing and solar energy divisions.

“Making this commitment gives clients confidence we’ll be here for them and streamlines operations for our pipeline of major projects,” Kornahrens said. “With the height of hurricane season just ahead, we have a large capacity and experience to help Tampa Bay commercial properties prepare for and recover from storms the season may bring.”

 Kornahrens noted that the company surveyed its team before choosing the new Tampa location, and included those recommendations in outfitting the new offices.

“Great people who want to keep learning and moving ahead in their careers are the lifeblood of our company, and we’re actively recruiting in Tampa Bay,” Kornahrens said.

The new location is a $2.4 million industrial building on 7.14 acres at 4904 West Knollwood Street. Advanced Roofing and AGT relocated this spring from a 3,427-square-foot facility at 8507 W. Sunstate Street, Tampa.

Advanced Roofing’s and AGT’s business on Florida’s West Coast has grown steadily. Recent re-roofing and solar projects have included major government, corporate, and educational facilities. AGT is currently building over $12 million dollars worth of solar contracts in the Tampa area alone, with clients including Fortune 500 banking institutions, large private-sector manufacturers, and government agencies. One of AGT’s largest projects in the Tampa area was a $5 million solar carport project for Lockheed Martin in Oldsmar.

Recognized nationally for strong commitment to workforce development and creating opportunity for employees’ career growth, Advanced Roofing and AGT take a nontraditional approach that includes recruiting and providing fast-track training for military veterans and women, as well as foreign workers who are in the U.S. legally under Temporary Protected Status or H2B Visa programs.

The company also spearheaded creation of the Florida Registered Roofing Apprenticeship Program in 2015 with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in South Florida and that program expanded into the Tampa area in 2019. The three-year work/study apprenticeship program can lead to a career making $50,000 or more yearly, without taking on any educational debt.