Jasper Inc. officially acquired Blue Star Roofing Inc. on April 24 in Orlando, Fla. This acquisition broadens Jasper Inc.'s presence in the commercial roofing industry, and will allow the company to more effectively expand their reach throughout major markets.

With the acquisition of Blue Star Roofing, Jasper Inc. is excited to be able to add another high-quality company to its brand, especially during this time. Jasper Inc.’s subsidiary company, One Source Roofing, has had a close partnership with Blue Star Roofing Inc., as the company provides labor services to One Source Roofing on various projects including the Orlando International Airport Terminal C project. Blue Star Roofing Inc. will now operate under the One Source Roofing entity.

With the acquisition of Blue Star Roofing, Jasper is excited to add another high-quality company to its brand, especially during this time. Traditionally, acquisitions can be challenging during the transition; however, this one is expected to be seamless due to the nature of their preexisting partnership. This acquisition is an overall great opportunity for Jasper Inc. and One Source Roofing to continue to thrive and dominate in the commercial roofing industry.

Darin C. Lavine, formed Blue Star Roofing Inc. by providing premium quality commercial roofing services for over two decades. Working with various governmental agencies and institutions, Blue Star is a trusted roofing contractor. Some of the projects Blue Star has completed include: the Sanford International Airport, Orlando International Airport (MCO – Terminal C), Universal Studios and Doctor Phillips Performing Arts Center.

"We look forward to continuing our work with Jasper Inc. as this acquisition allows us to pursue enhanced local growth thanks to Jasper’s strong organizational structure, financial strength and commitment to excellence," says Darin Lavine, former President of Blue Star Roofing Inc.

One Source Roofing is a certified, commercial roofing company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. One Source Roofing provides roof management services, inspection and maintenance services, consulting and detailing services, roof investigation services, as well as safety, training and educational services.

In December of 2018, it was reported that Jasper Inc. acquired One Source Roofing. At the time, Jasper Inc. said the acquisition of One Source Roofing will further accelerate its growth in the industry.