SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Restoration Builders Inc. has adopted enhanced safety practices to assist and protect home and business owners during COVID-19 pandemic.

Roofing and repair needs do not go away when external circumstances such as the coronavirus outbreak occur. To the contrary, with many communities being ordered to "shelter in place," it's become increasingly critical that roofing companies are able to quickly fix leaks and provide other essential services to keep homes and buildings operating safely.

Furthermore, it is imperative that roofers remain fully prepared and well-resourced to quickly respond to the impacts that extreme weather and natural disasters may inflict on homes and buildings over the coming weeks and months.

As Restoration Builders continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, they are following strict guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), while taking actionable measures to protect their team and their customers. In particular, they are employing prudent measures to prevent the spread of infection at facilities, sites and projects, and most roofing work is performed outdoors where open air helps mitigate any risk to employees or customers. 

Additional protective measures currently being implemented include:

  • Utilizing phone and online scheduling
  • Sanitizing hands before and after each appointment
  • Utilizing disinfecting spray/wipes for interior of company vehicles
  • Calling ahead or knocking upon arrival to eliminate the need for customers to come outside
  • Using phone and online communications throughout the process
  • Sending pictures, reports, and estimates via email
  • Accepting interior pictures of leak damage from customers
  • Submitting contracts electronically
  • Contact-less material delivery
  • Roofing crews do not need interior access
  • Accepting online payments via credit card, bank transfers, financing, or check pick up

"The roof is the first line of defense against the elements and extreme weather, and there is nothing more important than a sound roof in protecting American families and businesses as they take action to address this crisis and sustain our economy," said John Lorenz, chairman and CEO of Restoration Builders Inc. "During this unsettling time, we'd like to reiterate that providing a safe environment for all team members and customers remains our top priority."

Restoration Builders has acquired 15 privately-held restoration and repair businesses, believing in a consolidation strategy focused on the idea that a portable workforce can meet the explosive demand of the insurance restoration industry, valued at more than $210 billion.