The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) wants to bring members of Congress to roofing companies around the country next summer in the run-up to the crucial 2020 election.

Building on the success of Roofing Day I and II, which in two years has become the largest single-day industry fly-in attended by roofing contractors from around the country, NRCA CEO Reid Ribble said he wants politicians seeking elected office to see roofing operations for themselves.

“Next August will become a month of action,” Ribble said during his NRCA update presentation at RC’s Best of Success conference in Miami last week. “It’s an election year, every member of Congress is back in their congressional district campaigning. And they want to meet people.”

More details are still to come, but Ribble said the initiative will help fight the negative perceptions many policymakers have about the roofing industry, while also help roofers feel better about themselves as recognized professionals.

“We’re going to invite every member of the U.S. House of Representatives (435) and all 100 U.S. senators to visit roofing contractor companies around the country,” he explained. “We want them to visit you at your business. If they’re going to go out there and talk to citizens, I want them talking to you.

“I want them to see the hard work and dedication your employees put into it. We’re going to push really hard to make that happen.”