WAUKESHA, Wis. — Metal-Era has been granted the patent for their innovative wood nailer alternative solution, Eliminailer — what the company calls “the ultimate envelope protection.”

Eliminailer provides our partners an effective and simple method to eliminate the use of wood nailers, an outdated industry practice. The roof perimeter and corners serve as the first line of defense against various weather conditions such as severe winds, rain, hail, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

If the edge fails, the entire roof system is in jeopardy. Building envelope advancement demands a new way to ensure roof and wall protection is integrated in the design and construction process.

“Constructing an envelope detail that meets design needs, building code for wind uplift, and delivers lasting performance is critical to reducing risk of failure and safeguarding the building and its contents,” said Tony Mallinger, president and CEO of Metal-Era. “Wood nailers deteriorate and create weaknesses along the building perimeter and corners, leaving the roof system vulnerable to a failure. Eliminailer helps solve common challenges with wood nailers to provide a superior, long-term solution.”

The Eliminailer system has several primary applications.

For example, Eliminailer is a solution for metal roof retrofits up to a 4/12 pitch, or for standard low slope roofs with consistent, non-tapered perimeter heights. Eliminailer makes flute fill installations fast and easy by eliminating wood blocking assemblies. In addition, insulation can extend to the roof edge, improving thermal performance and reducing energy loss and condensation (initial testing shows up to a 47% improvement in R-value at the edge).

Learn more at www.metalera.com/Wood-Nailer-Alternative.aspx.