IRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing LLC has introduced Boral Steel, its rebranded stone-coated steel product line emphasizing durability and performance.

With an established reputation as the nation’s largest manufacturer of sustainable clay and concrete roof tile systems, the launch of Boral Steel now adds another key roofing material category and positions Boral Roofing as a market leader in retrofit metal roofing solutions as well.

“The introduction of Boral Steel is significant as it expands Boral Roofing’s product line with a suite of stone-coated steel offerings that are lightweight and ideal for both retrofit and new construction,” said Pete Croft, brand manager – steel with Boral Roofing. “Boral Roofing is now well-suited to serve the remodel marketplace in addition to the ground-up development sector.”

The company said the launch of Boral Steel is one key culmination of the high-profile 2017 Headwaters acquisition during which Boral Roofing acquired steel roofing market leaders Gerard and Metro (among other roofing entities) and consolidated the companies’ highest-performing and most popular steel roofing system options. The result is a standout, market-leading product line to be branded under Boral Roofing going forward.

With the official launch of Boral Steel, Boral Roofing now offers stone-coated steel roofing systems in five unique profiles including: Pince-Crest Shake, a roofing product engineered to mimic the look of hand-split wood shake while offering the durability that only stone coated steel provides; Barrel-Vault Tile, resembling the authentic look of Spanish Tile; Granite-Ridge Shingle, a low-profile shingle panel; Pacific Tile, offering a Mediterranean tile aesthetic; and Cottage Shingle, a double-course high-profile shingle with raised and lower sections that create a classic cottage look.

“With these profile options, customers are able to complement numerous architectural styles while ensuring maximum curb appeal, durability and weather resiliency. All of Boral Steel’s products are Class 4 rated for Hail Impact Resistance, offer a Class A Fire Rating (when using designated accompanying underlay materials), and are Hurricane Performance Rated with Miami Dade County HVHZ Approval – the most stringent hurricane resistance standard in the country.

“In addition to energy efficiency, which these systems rate well in, resiliency and storm resistance are top-of-mind among roofing customers,” added Croft. “All of these stone coated steel profiles perform exceptionally well against hail, fire, wind and ice damming, and these attributes are key selling points for this product line.”

Boral Steel is now available to customers across the United States. For information on Boral Steel’s profiles, or on Boral Roofing’s concrete, clay, steel, and composite roof solutions, visit