IRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing LLC released a new suite of concrete roofing tile colors in the Southern Nevada region. The range of hues represents a contemporary take on neutral roofing tones and reflects a move toward complementary architectural styles in the region. 

The new collection of colors is available with three popular Boral Roofing tile profiles: Barcelona, Saxony 900 Slate and Saxony 900 Shake. The six new shades include Sepia, Graphite, Shadow Black, Charcoal Blend, Appalachian Blend and Saddleback Blend. The new colors are a result of Boral Roofing’s continued research into macro-level consumer trends and the accompanying lifestyle and architectural shifts reflecting those in the region.

“We are seeing home design trend toward simpler lines and neutral, natural colors,” said Shannon Delgado, senior marketing manager with Boral Roofing. “Builders and remodelers today are addressing enhanced interest among homeowners for durable roofing materials that also complement contemporary and transitional home styles, which have been growing in popularity.”

Concrete roofing tile is an ideal roofing material in the southwestern region of the United States. The tile is a durable, resilient solution that helps protect homes from the region’s unique inclement weather conditions, offering a Class A fire rating.

Boral Roofing manufactures its concrete tile with sustainable processes and materials. Local, abundant, and naturally occurring geologic material is sourced, and the tile is recyclable at the end of its life on the roof. The tile also offers significant energy-efficiency benefits to homeowners, reducing electricity demands and providing up to 22 percent in long-term energy cost savings.

The new concrete roof tile colors are now available in Nevada. The new colors may be viewed online, along with Boral Roofing’s full concrete, clay, steel, and composite solutions, at