Of the hurricanes to make landfall in the last two years, Irma and Michael did the most roof damage, according to a new report. 

BuildFax released “The Natural Disaster Report: Severe Hurricanes, 2017-2018” on Wednesday.

The report is an analysis of rebuilding efforts and its implications for insurance carriers — with plenty of information about roofs and roofing.

“As weather events intensify and the U.S. economy faces uncertainty, property-level intelligence from past disaster recovery becomes increasingly important to inform responses to future weather events,” the report states.

The 13-page report provides analysis of the last four hurricanes that have impacted the contiguous U.S. in the past two years. The hurricanes were Hurricane Harvey (August 2017), Hurricane Irma (September 2017), Hurricane Florence (September 2018), and Hurricane Michael (October 2018).

Per the report, hurricanes Irma and Michael led to sizable roof damage — 75 percent of all maintenance work from Hurricane Michael and 55 percent of all maintenance work from Hurricane Irma.

“Insights on repair activity following recent hurricanes delivers a unique window into how storms may vary,” the report says. “BuildFax research discovered the leading form of repair work differed substantially based on the hurricane’s disposition and the condition of structures on the ground.

“Following Hurricane Irma, roof damage was the most common problem with 55.43 percent of maintenance work related to roof repairs. However, after Hurricane Harvey, which followed different storm patterns, just 4.90 percent of affected properties initiated or completed roof work.”

The report notes flooding was the top issue for Harvey.

It also cites the differences between Florence and Michael.

“Like Hurricane Irma, Michael experienced a sizeable amount of roof damage – 74.75 percent of all maintenance work – from its 155-mile-per-hour winds, while much of the work following Florence involved fixing electrical and mechanical damage,” the report says.

BuildFax also included information from analysis of 11 major hurricanes between 2000 and 2018 and determined that the average recovery time is 10.7 months.