URBANNA, Va. — A Virginia-based roofing contractor is giving away a free gun with every roof purchased as part of a unique new promotion.

Urbanna, Va.-based LMC Exteriors posted a video to its Facebook page on March 6 to gain attention for its promotion called “Get a Roof. Get a Gun!” The video can be viewed by clicking here.

The video features “Captain Freedom” who, among other things, promises “death to high roof prices” as a cooler is shot to pieces and the theme from “The A-Team” plays in the background.

“We are the only contractor in the state of Virginia that’s giving away a free gun after the completion of any roof, siding, or window purchase,” LMC President J. Elmer says as the word “Free AR-15 Giveaway” flashes over the screen in yellow letters.

The promotion was picked up by two local TV stations, drawing a lot of reaction “in a fantastic way!!!”, according to a post on the company’s website.

However, some posts on the company’s Facebook page voiced opposition to the promotion.

“Giving away guns is irresponsible and dangerous. I would never do business with anyone who condones this,” one post reads.

The company notes that customers will receive a voucher to obtain the gun from a local FFA licensed dealer, and that the customer must pass all federal and state background checks, etc.

Further, the company says that it is a completely legal promotion. Two other companies in the U.S. sponsored similar promotions in 2017.

“Why on earth would we run a promotion that could potentially have us thrown in jail and have our business shut down?!” the post states.

Company officials note that they invited regional officials from ATF to visit the LMC Exteriors office “to make sure we were doing it legally and properly.”

“They fully approved us,” the company said.

Customers do have a right to refuse the gun and receive a credit toward the purchase price of their roof, according to the company.

The post also addresses a question raised by another person who wondered why the company is giving away guns as opposed to gift cards.

“If we were giving away gift cards or potted plants, channel 6 & channel 12 NEVER would have shared our posted, we wouldn’t be getting appointments & you & I wouldn’t be having this ‘discussion,’” the company said.