NASHVILLE — ICP Building Solutions Group has introduced its new Polyset CR-20 Refill System and Cart, ideal for large commercial roofing projects.

The new 17-gallon portable system provides increased yield and lower cost per applied square. The unique refillable cylinders provide a lower up-front cost compared to other expensive systems and, once emptied, are returned to ICP for cleaning, refurbishing and eventual re-use. The system debuted at the 2019 International Roofing Expo (IRE) in February.

Polyset CR-20 adhesive is a low-rise, two- component polyurethane foam adhesive engineered for speed and simplicity of installation. It’s ideal for adhering a variety of insulation boards, cover boards and fleeceback membranes to various substrates in both new and re-roof applications.

Polyset CR-20 is installed with the Handi-Gun Dispensing Unit and ColorWise Temperature Warning Nozzles, making it easy to access hard-to-reach areas and provide faster application on open roofs.