GREENVILLE, Pa. — Werner has introduced the Multi-Position Fiberglass Pro Ladder.

This new multi-position ladder offers professionals the use of five different ladder configurations in one compact design to easily conquer any task on the jobsite. At an affordable price point of $319- $519 (depending on ladder size), the combination of multiple ladder configurations into one durable unit provides customers a potential savings of $1,300 (compared with the costs of scaffold units).

“At Werner, we know professionals need performance, durability and multi-position ladders, tools and equipment,” said Chris Filardi, vice president of marketing at WernerCo. “Since no day is ever the same, we created the multi-position fiberglass pro ladder to suit a range of jobsite needs – from working in stairwells to hanging conduit to working on ceilings in open spaces. The bright orange color of the ladder also makes it visible and easy to locate on the work site.”

The ladder touts an innovative five-in-one design that provides stability for a diverse array of jobsite needs and reduces the need to bring and haul multiple ladders to the jobsite. Professionals can utilize the unit as an extension ladder, a wall ladder, a twin stepladder or stairway stepladder, and can employ its rungs as a stable scaffold base that requires no additional hinges. The multi-position ladder, whose extension reaches 11, 15 and 19 feet depending on model number, easily folds into a compact ladder that can be carried through tight corridors and placed into most vehicles without the need of a ladder rack.

Additional features of the Fiberglass Multi-Position Ladder include:

  • Professional Performance Rating System signifies this product is ideal for professionals who require a specific load capacity and construction features.
  • Non-conductive side rails for working with or near electricity.
  • Impact-resistant push knobs and shatter-proof J-locks for extra durability.
  • Double riveted rungs for heavy-duty strength and load capacity.
  • Slip resistant feet for safety in all weather conditions.
  • Type 1A, 300 lb. rating for support in every jobsite task.

The twist-proof multi-position ladder is available in three different models based on the size and reach of the ladder. All three models have the same weight capacity, along with the ability to convert to a stepladder, stairway, wall, and extension ladders as well as two scaffold bases. The ladder is both OSHA- and ANSI-approved and is made of durable fiberglass, the preferred material of most jobsite employers due to its strength, resistance to high temperatures, anti-corrosive qualities, and non-conductive abilities.

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