Compatible with PVC and other vent pipe materials, Quarrix® announced a durable vent pipe flashing – Pipe Boot. Continuing Quarrix’s long history of innovative roofing products, Pipe Boot offers roofing, plumbing and remodeling contractors a durable yet easy-to-install way to elegantly camouflage, cover and protect plumbing vent pipes – while also withstanding freezing temperatures and pesky varmints.  Pipe Boot joins a full-line of roofing-centric products from Quarrix, the well-revered and innovative manufacturer of high-quality roofing solutions since 1985.

“Pipe Boot protects a vulnerable spot on the roof from leaks that occur due to cracking, corroding and even squirrels,” said Amanda Williams, marketing manager at Quarrix.  “Some cheap pipe flashings and covers include lead, which entices small animals to gnaw at them causing damage.  Pipe Boot is 100 percent lead-free with a protective coating so it won’t attract varmints nor deteriorate over the long haul, combined with a ‘For the Life of the Roof’ warranty – ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting roof for the homeowner.”

The most common problem with plumbing vent pipes is that they eventually erode after exposure to the elements, causing much damage to the roof.  Pipe Boot is made of all-steel construction and engineered to withstand frigid temperatures and frost damage via a patented design that allows air space to circulate properly, while still resisting freezing.  Quarrix has passed vigorous 110-mph, wind-driven rain testing as further evidence to the durability of the Pipe Boot.  Additionally, installation is quite easy as Pipe Boot simply slides over the existing venting pipe, nails into place, and then twist the top to form a weather-tight seal, no specialty tools needed…just place it, twist it and done.  The telescoping sleeve allows for varying pipe heights, pipe widths and roof pitches – and comes in four color options and is paintable to coordinate with any roof color so vent pipes are cleverly camouflaged reducing unwanted sight-lines.

Pipe Boot base sizes are available in both standard and high-pitch sizes (3/12 – 14/12) for a custom fit and is UV-resistant to resist color fading.  “Bottom line: Pipe Boot, like all Quarrix roofing products, are expertly designed to maintain the beauty and protect the roof to minimize the potential of any call-backs for roofers, and provides a longer-lasting roof for homeowners,” added Williams.

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