The GAF Master Flow Pivot Pipe Boot Flashing helps protect your roof against damaging leaks at one of the most vulnerable areas — plumbing pipe penetrations. The all-metal construction fully encapsulates unsightly plumbing pipes with no exposed gaskets, seals, collars, or caulk that can degrade over time, causing leaks and homeowner call-backs.

The new Master Flow Pivot Pipe Boot Flashing is designed and tested to pass the 110 mph wind-driven rain test per TAS-100(A) and UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance test,* and is now available in both 3-inch and 4-inch sizes. This follows the launch of the 1.5-inch and 2-inch models that were launched in spring 2023.

A turning point in roof system protection, the Master Flow Pivot Pipe Boot Flashing provides an ease of installation with features such as pre-punched nail fastening guides, universal pitch adjustment 3:12 - 12:12, directional installation arrows, and shingle termination guides.

Also featuring a “ball/socket” component for simple rooftop pitch adjustment, the Master Flow Pivot Pipe Boot Flashing is available in four colors — Black, Brown, Weathered Wood, and Gray — for a streamlined look on the roof. It's warrantied against leaks caused by manufacturing defects or ordinary wear and tear for the length of the warranty on the adjacent roof cladding, not to exceed 50 years**, and is eligible for enhanced warranty coverage when installed by a contractor certified by GAF in connection with a qualifying roofing system.***

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*Testing performed under controlled laboratory conditions. Hail damage is not covered under GAF limited warranties.

**See GAF Master Flow™ Pivot™ Pipe Boot Flashing Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

***See GAF System Plus, Silver PledgeTM, and Golden Pledge® Limited Warranties for complete coverage and restrictions.