RALEIGH, N.C. — Building on the great success of the original Perma-Boot, the Manning Building Products company has taken their original design and added an all in one convenience.

This new design allows for customers to buy one Perma-Boot that will work with all three main pipe flashing sizes.  This all in one box solution fits pipe sizes 1.5", 2" and 3". The new all in one box solution is also available in the new construction version. This version is for new roofs where a nailing flange is included as part of the flashing.

While shingles are designed for a 25- to 50-year life, the roofing system is dependent on a small pipe boot at each roof penetration to keep out rain and weather. The pipe boots offer no warranty and with near certainty will become a failure point in the first years after installation, sending water running down into the living area of the home. This is a common problem and causes unnecessary loss and destruction for unsuspecting property owners.

Manning Building Products' Perma-Boot corrects this flaw in today's roofing systems. The Perma-Boot offers a cost-effective and dependable repair/preventive maintenance solution that installs in minutes with no need to remove shingles or the failing boot. Learn more at www.perma-boot.com.