WINCHESTER, Va. -- Lifetime Tool & Building Products has developed the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® which guarantees to eliminate the number one roof leak when properly installed. Something most people may not know until they have an obvious roof leak or a stain on their ceiling is that all homes have plumbing vent pipes. These extend through the roof and require pipe flashings that are usually installed at the time of the roof installation or flashing/repair replacement.  Generally, there are two or three of these pipes per home. 
For decades, existing off the shelf pipe flashings used by most roofers either fail at the time of installation or shortly thereafter.  This is the result of a fundamentally bad design along with the decades of manufacturers continuing to make smaller, thinner and cheaper products. These failures often end in hidden water and mold damage that may go undetected for years.  Important - even newer homes should be inspected.
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