WINCHESTER, Va. -- Lifetime Tool & Building Products announced the release of the new 316L Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing®, guaranteed to eliminate the number one roof leak in the harshest coastal and ultraviolet (UV) environments, when properly installed.  This new product directly combats the effects of salt water, chloride, extreme sunlight exposure, and pipe thermal movement, which are the major causes of plumbing pipe flashing failures resulting in roof leaks. 

What can replace the lead (Pb) flashings and still survive the coastal and extreme UV environments?  

Only the patented Lifetime Tool Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing®, made from 316L Stainless Steel (a true marine grade stainless steel) for unmatched long-term performance in coastal and extreme UV environments. The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® provides a precision seal to the pipe with a flexible bushing made from an ultra-pure silicone elastomer which accommodates daily movement from thermal changes on the roof. This lifetime pipe seal is then reinforced with a solid PVC collar engineered to provide lifelong compression of the seal to the pipe. The unique combination of 316L stainless steel, ultra-pure silicone rubber, and solid molded PVC provide the most robust resistance to sunlight, extreme UV, coastal and non-coastal chlorides, and thermal movement, making the Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing® the only true choice when replacing lead (Pb) flashings on the roof in coastal or any other environments.

For decades, existing pipe flashings (including lead) used by most roofers either fail at the time of installation or shortly thereafter. While lead (Pb) has been banned in most construction applications (paints, window blinds) for content in the parts per million, it is still used, as solid lead, in roofing because there has never been an effective alternative, until now. Lead flashings have many issues. Not only are they hazardous, but they do not handle mechanical stress from thermal movement; do not adequately accommodate pitch; and are often difficult to re-shape and install. These failures often result in hidden water and mold damage that may go undetected for years.  

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