PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Jack Scalo, CEO of the Scalo Companies has won the 2017 Outstanding CEO and Top Executive Award. Scalo has won the award along with 12 other CEOs in the Pittsburgh region.            
Scalo began his career at the Scalo Companies in 1982 and became CEO in 1997. During his time as CEO, he has expanded the company's offerings, including solar panels and wall panels.

"When I first started I always wanted to be a successful business man leading a large organization and always wondered if this was possible while maintaining high integrity and continuing to be a good person," said Scalo. "What I have learned over the years is that these qualities are exactly what are required to scale, sustain, and succeed in business."

Scalo's success has been measured in the expansion of Burns and Scalo Roofing, to eight companies under the Scalo name, recently branded the Scalo Companies.

Scalo continued, "Winning this award is validation by our many peers and community that hard work and persistence pays off and is recognized in the world of good."

For more information, visit Burns-Scalo.com