NORTON, Ohio — ICP Adhesives & Sealants announced the release of Polyset® Board-Max™, a new two-component, low-rise polyurethane foam adhesive engineered to secure insulation and cover boards to various roof decks and substrates.  

Used in conjunction with Polyset CR-20®, the new Polyset Board-Max kit eliminates the need for costly accessories and the associated maintenance, lowering labor costs and accelerating the roofing process. 

“At ICP Adhesives & Sealants we are proud to continue our tradition of innovation.  Contractors have been looking for a quality adhesive that will simplify the job yet still provide top of the line adhesion properties,” said Max Miller, vice president, roofing. “Engineered for speed and simplicity, Board-Max is the solution that helps contractors succeed.” 

Polyset Board-Max is VOC-compliant and compatible with many different types of roof decks, cover boards and substrates. It features high yield, fast grabbing adhesive in an all-in-one kit, offering up to 30 squares of coverage. This results in better application times by reducing the amount of change overs between kits, making Board-Max both quick and easy to use. Its ready-to-use capabilities streamline the adhesive process while the large application temperature window provides contractors with application flexibility in all seasons.  

Board-Max can be used in ambient and on substrate temperatures down to 30° F (-1°C), eliminating the need for winter formulations. In order to maximize yield and help avoid off ratio dispensing, Polyset Board-Max also features ICP Adhesive & Sealants’ patented Colorwise® Temperature Warning Nozzles. These intuitive nozzles change from clear to blue, indicating that the chemical has reached a cold temperature below 60° F and the adhesive should not be dispensed until the chemical is warmed to the proper temperature.  

Polyset Board-Max is available through many national roofing distributors and ICP Adhesives & Sealants partner roofing manufacturers nationwide. 

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