SAN DIEGO — Rhino Linings Corp. announced the release of ThermalGuard OC.4, an open-cell, spray polyurethane foam (SPF), and ThermalGuard CC2 HY1, a closed cell spray polyurethane foam.

ThermalGuard OC.4 is an open cell, low density spray polyurethane foam, and is designed to yield more than the traditional half pound foam. The lower density and high yield works to provide more board footage per set, when sprayed by qualified applicators. This foam is formulated as high performance insulation in walls, ceilings, roof decks and crawlspaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

ThermalGuard CC2 HY1 is a fast set, closed cell 245fa blown spray polyurethane foam insulation, and is designed for use in metal buildings, pole barns, barns, steel truss buildings, garages/workshops, airplane hangars and greenhouses and hot houses, amongst other applications. ThermalGuard CC2 HY1 is applied as a liquid, and expands to 25x in seconds, to fill and seal building cavities of any shape and size. It is recommended to spray a single pass of this foam, at a thickness of no more than 1.5" per pass. The exceptional yield of this new formulation is designed to help contractors increase the board-footage of each job, while still maintaining the R-values.

"We are constantly looking to develop competitive and exceptional products for our customers," said Pierre Gagnon, CEO and president of Rhino Linings. "The exceptional yield with the OC .4 and CC2 HY1 products represent our commitment to offering some of the best products on the market. We are pleased to offer safe, progressive and fire resistant options for insulating structures."

ThermalGuard OC.4 and ThermalGuard CC2 HY1 are the newest additions to the ever-growing line of high-yield Rhino Linings SPF insulation products. Learn more at