A solution for increased safety, reduced labor and simplified site logistics, Smart Edge is a new guardrail system that allows for all operations to be done by a single worker.

It is lightweight, with the combined fence and post weight of only 48 pounds. The installation, inspection and maintenance are five to 10 times faster as compared to conventional 2x4 or cables. There are only three basic parts to set up and take down, making logistics quick and simple. The same fence can be used either horizontally or vertically, for 42” or 91” high protection. Everything is supplied on one convenient pack so there are no loose parts and the worksite remains safe and clean. Fences can easily be swung individually open and closed without modifications, repeated inspections and repairs.

Smart Edge provides additional safety with integrated green-red indicators that reliably confirm to installers and inspectors, at a glance, if the post is correctly installed. The length and angle are easily adjusted by changing the overlap of the fencing – premeasurement is not needed. Floor-to-ceiling heights can be reached with standard material from 7’4” to 14’. It can be used on both concrete and steel buildings. The Smart Edge exceeds all applicable U.S. codes and regulations including OSHA, ANSI/ASSE and WISHA/WAC. Learn more at https://www.doka.com/us/solutions/Safety_with_Doka.