RC: When did the Raleigh branch open?
We began the development of our Raleigh branch in November of 2015 and opened our doors in January.


RC: What is your general service area? And do you do regional, out-of-state work?

AZ: Our service areas for each of our locations expand far into the surrounding areas of these hubs. For example, our Raleigh service area includes the forty square miles surrounding the city. We also have branches in five different states with multiple service areas in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.


RC: How many employees do you have?

AZ: The Mr. Roof Raleigh branch has a total of nine employees, all non-union, with plans to hire over the next year.


RC: How did you get your start in the roofing business and with Able/Mr. Roof?

AZ: I’ve worked in the home improvement industry for more than 15 years. I began my career as a window contractor in Ohio. A co-worker had recently left to work for Able Roofing’s Columbus location, and he told me how much he enjoyed the culture and dedication to quality. I joined Able Roofing in 2010 as a service manager and have never looked back. In 2015, I was given the opportunity to open the Mr. Roof Raleigh location and saw it as a great opportunity to grow within the organization.


RC: How would you describe your company’s culture?

AZ: Our culture is built on high standards and pride in doing great work — we truly care about our customers. Each member of the Mr. Roof team is focused on one single and very important goal: focus on the customer, deliver excellent service and a quality roof, second to none.


RC: How do you educate/train your employees and keep them safe on the jobsite?

AZ: Safety is very important to us and there are many tools we utilize starting with a strong orientation program. We also partner with the NRCA, utilize our insurance partner and host weekly mandatory safety meetings. One common resource frequently used is the “Tool Box Talk.” These safety training resources focus on different aspects of workplace safety: chemical spills, tie-off harnesses, proper lifting, ladder safety, eye protection and correct posture, to name a few.


RC: What is your biggest challenge in the market?

AZ: It can be challenging for a company to enter a new market like Raleigh and it’s important for us to grow our roots there. We understand this will not happen overnight and we are committed to learning more about the community so that we may serve it in the best possible way. Our philosophy is that success is dependent on truly becoming a part of the community, building our reputation customer by customer, and having those satisfied customers refer us to their neighbors and friends.


RC: How would you describe your company’s relationship with key manufacturers and/or distributors in the roofing industry?

AZ: Strong, long-term business relationships with trusted manufacturers and distributors allow us to control the quality of our materials and pass along savings to our customers.


RC: What advice do you have for other roofing contractors out there striving for success?

AZ: Do what you say you’re going to do. Respect the relationship with your suppliers and, above all, respect your customers. Take your time, slow down during the process and listen in order to provide the best service possible. Finally, be aware of everyone’s needs, including your customers, employees and subcontractors.


RC: What else?

AZ: As a company, we are proud to have the opportunity to give back to our communities in so many different ways. This responsibility and privilege started with our owners who lead by example and constantly encourage employees to participate. Most of our leadership team strive to go above and beyond by serving on non-profit boards, which directly impact the communities in which we work.

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