BEACHWOOD, Ohio  –  As part of an initiative to make Ford Field more energy efficient and sustainable, the Detroit Lions have selected Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance and Tremco Platinum Contractor Schreiber Corporation (Wixom, MI) to prepare the 300,000-square-foot domed roof and restore it with the company’s fully-reinforced, two-coat AlphaGuard™ BIO fluid applied roofing system.
“Using Tremco Roofing’s diagnostics services, we thoroughly analyzed the roof and found areas with ongoing leaks that resulted in moisture-laden insulation,” said Jim Getzen, Tremco Roofing’s senior field advisor. “Fortunately after 14 years, the roof was in relatively good shape, so we recommended restoring it. Restoration is much more sustainable than replacement; material is not torn off and sent to landfills. It is also more economical because it extends a good roof’s life.  The highly reflective, white AlphaGuard BIO system should help reduce energy use as it absorbs very little heat.”
The project is expected to last approximately three months, ending in late July before the Lions’ pre-season begins. The roof membrane and insulation will be replaced in those areas where the insulation is damaged, and other necessary repairs will be made. The balance of the roof will be thoroughly cleaned with the RoofTec™ cleaning system to prepare it for coating. RoofTec removes dirt, mold and mildew from the roof surface without the negative effects of power washing; it requires little water and recaptures almost all that it does use, which aligns with the Lions’ emphasis on sustainability. The AlphaGuard BIO base coat will be installed in conjunction with the company’s Prefab polyester reinforcement, followed by the white AlphaGuard BIO top coat. The famous Ford Oval and field name logo will be installed using custom color Ford Blue blended by sister company Rust-Oleum Corporation, and walkways will be added to improve safety.
Roof restoration has a number of benefits beyond being a more sustainable choice than replacement. It is significantly less expensive, often costing only one-third as much. Restoration can add 20 years to a roof’s life, keeping the building watertight while allowing an organization to plan for possible replacement in its capital budget. Since restoration is considered maintenance, not capital, there may be tax benefits. Restoring a roof also arrests its deterioration, which could prevent a catastrophe if the roof is not maintained and the damage is allowed to spread.
“We’re very proud that the Lions chose Tremco Roofing, not just to restore Ford Field’s roof but also to make the stadium more sustainable,” said Getzen. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Lions, and of course to a great 2016 season.”
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