BEACHWOOD, Ohio –  Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance announced that it has been selected to clean, restore and paint the 170,000-square-foot roof of the Landers Center, a multi-purpose athletic, entertainment and conference facility that seats more than 10,000 fans in Southaven, Miss.

“After researching a variety of options, we discovered that restoration was much more cost-effective and sustainable than replacement and had the added bonus of not having to shut down the facility to complete the project,” said Todd Mastry, executive director for the Landers Center. “Instead of tearing the roof off and sending tons of material to the landfill, our roof can be restored and its life extended at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing with Tremco Roofing’s AlphaGuard BIO fluid-applied system.”

The first step in the restoration process is to thoroughly clean the Landers Center roof with Tremco Roofing’s innovative roof cleaning system, RoofTec. The system’s extremely powerful, non-abrasive, rotating water jets remove dirt, mold and mildew from the roof surface without the negative effects of power washing and prepare the roof for coating.

Tremco Roofing will then apply an AlphaGuard BIO base coat in conjunction with the company’s Permafab polyester reinforcement, followed by the white AlphaGuard BIO top coat. The red arena name logo will be painted using custom color blended by sister company, Rust-Oleum Corporation. Tremco Roofing recently completed a 300,000-square-foot restoration project for Ford Field using the same combined RoofTec and AlphaGuard BIO solution, making the stadium more energy efficient and sustainable.

“AlphaGuard BIO is a fluid-applied roofing system that can turn an older but still functional roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system for a fraction of the cost of replacement,” said Chris Laster, building solutions representative with Tremco Roofing.  

Roof restoration is significantly less expensive that replacement, often costing only one-third to one-half as much. It also is the more sustainable choice. Restoration can add 20 years to a roof’s life, keeping the building watertight while allowing an organization to plan for possible replacement in its capital budget. Since restoration is considered maintenance, not capital, there may also be tax benefits. Restoring a roof also arrests its deterioration, which could prevent a catastrophe if the roof is not maintained and the damage is allowed to spread.

Small roofing problems like leaks and debris can snowball into large, expensive issues. All roofing systems require regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall. In addition to RoofTec and AlphaGuard BIO, the Landers Center will be implementing Tremco’s comprehensive roof maintenance program, TremCare. This program helps prevent premature deterioration and keeps roofing assets in top working order.

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