Material-Ordering Tool • AccuLynx

AccuLynx, a job-management software for contractors utilized by more than 5,000 people a day, has now connected directly to ABC Supply for item descriptions and pricing. With the revamped ordering tool, users can create material orders easily with their negotiated ABC pricing anywhere and on any device. With connections to Google, Quickbooks, ABC Supply, HailWatch/Weather Fusion and EagleView, every part of a user’s business works together. For more information, visit


Estimating Software • AppliCad

Roof Wizard’s pitch-measure tools and aerial-image tracing/digitising combined with roof and wall take-off functions and seamless integration with Microsoft Word or Excel provides the complete roofer estimator’s tool kit. New features include the ability to drop a PDF document right into the Roof Wizard workspace, scale workspace to match drawing dimensions and then accurately trace the structure in 3D.  Any of the operator-defined materials may be applied to the model creating a very accurate material list that includes all labor and accessory items. For more information, visit


Project-Management App • Atlas Roofing

In today’s world with technology changing by the minute, it seems a modern roofer deserves a modern project-management system to keep up with the times. Atlas Roofing’s free ProAPP™ is available for download in the App Store, and it allows contractors to create and track projects from lead to post-completion. Featuring a suite of Atlas products, literature, promotions and training, and tracking tools, it’s designed to help contractors maintain a professional business on the go. For more information, visit


Roof-Spec Writing Software • CertainTeed

Available online, CertaSpec™ roofing spec writing software makes proposal generation and spec writing easier for roofing contractors and specifiers. It includes LEED information as well as the ability to create customizable accounts, which provide efficient project tracking and readily accessible technical product information. CertaSpec allows users to quickly write accurate residential and commercial roofing specifications for job-submittal packages. Live updates are routinely made, keeping the system current and accurate. Once specifications are finalized, the system generates submittal-package materials that can be printed, emailed or saved electronically. For more information, visit


Field-Management Software • ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware’s Service Networks for Contractors is a new mobile field-service management solution that streamlines the scheduling, dispatch and work-completion process between enterprise service providers and their contractors. The contractor-management software extends field-service management capabilities beyond the internal workforce to give enterprise service providers and contractors greater visibility and control over the service received by the end customer. Using the solution, contractors are better equipped to plan and execute the delivery of service, book and complete more jobs, and ultimately shorten invoicing and payment cycles to increase reimbursement rates and help drive revenue. For more information, visit


Business-Management Software • Contractor’s Cloud

Contractor’s Cloud is a full-featured CRM system developed for sales-oriented general contractors. It’s a robust solution providing a variety of features, including lead management, estimating, work-order scheduling, material-order scheduling, commission tracking, invoicing, expense tracking, profit and loss calculations, a customer portal and more. Contractor’s Cloud features a fully customizable interface so that the system can easily adapt to a business’s workflow; even notifications and alerts can be tailored to the needs of each organization. For more information, visit


Mobile App • Dataforma

Dataforma is a roofing-contractor-specific application to streamline service departments and track leads. More than 400 roofing contractors run completely paperless service departments and create their customized roof inspections while still on the roof using the Dataforma mobile app. Rather than a stand-alone CRM, Dataforma allows contractors to manage bids, store documents, create warranties, generate proposals, set reminders, manage service/preventive maintenance work and even upload photos directly from the field — all in a single system made specifically for the roofing industry. For more information, visit


Residential-Estimating Software • EagleView Technologies

EagleView Technologies’ patented processes and technology power the QuickSquares™ Reports.  The reports provide the approximate square footage and predominant pitch of a residential roof and up to one detached garage in about an hour and include a custom cover, allowing contractors to deliver project estimates faster. The technology lets contractors upgrade to a PremiumReport after winning the bid to receive precise measurements for material ordering and production planning. A convenient QuickSquares mobile app makes ordering reports and managing upgrades easy from anywhere. For more information, visit


Construction-Estimating Software • The Estimating Edge

The Estimating Edge is a provider of estimating software for the construction industry. It’s designed to help customers win more projects through increased accuracy and greater efficiency. The company’s singular focus is providing customers with high-quality software, complete training and responsive support. For more information, visit


Residential-Estimating Software • Exact Roofing

Sold in more than 25 countries in three languages, Exact Roofing is known for being powerful yet easy to use. It takes the user through a series of easy steps to draw the roof — or alternatively drawings can be imported — and then derives the estimate from the drawing. The software is designed to provide faster and more accurate quotes and features a dimensioned drawing to verify what was quoted; a 3D model to enhance the quote; a 3D visual image for marketing; and a standing seam blocking pattern. It can be used for shingles, tiles, metal and standing seam. For more information, visit


Operating System • FCSControl

FCSControl is a fully integrated enterprise operating system that reaches every aspect of a business. It’s designed to create a repeatable business model, helping commercial roofing contractors establish relationships with customers through service. FCS gives contractors the tools they need to collaborate with their customers in roof management. Real-time processing allows data to be captured remotely, keeping technicians in the field. FCS offers a Sales, Service & Project Management and Estimating platform. Each module feeds into a portal allowing contractors and customers to access their information and manage assets with real-time budgeting tools. For more information, visit


Mobile App • Firestone Building Products

The Build My Wall App is a comprehensive, searchable database of Firestone Building Products wall panels and systems — including the Enverge™ Cavity Wall Products — that allows users to view 3D renderings and obtain technical, installation and fastening details. App users can: Select the best cavity-wall products for projects based on the ASHRAE defined climate zones; apply location-based International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) criteria; find National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 solutions; create mock projects; and test alternative approaches to key wall construction issues. For more information, visit


Mobile Payment Service • Flint Mobile

Flint is a mobile payment and loyalty service that enables users to run businesses from the palm of their hands. It’s designed for today’s world of flexible businesses that need the ability to get paid through multiple channels (offline and online) and to seamlessly engage their clients. Flint’s iOS and Android apps allow users to easily accept credit-card payments on the spot by scanning instead of swiping, via invoice-based bill payment or online. By virtue of its card-scanning technology, Flint has eliminated the need for card-reader accessories and is unlocking the true power of the mobile device to become an all-in-one business hub. For more information, visit


Mobile Apps • GAF

GAF recently unveiled a comprehensive technology platform including new apps that are redefining the way its contractors sell in the home. These tools for GAF factory-certified contractors are available on both iPad and Android tablets. The Virtual Home Remodeler application shows homeowners different GAF shingles applied to their home in real time. The Pro Roof Estimator is a comprehensive estimator tool that comes preloaded with product information and pictures, warranties and other key facts. Sales Pro is used to create custom in-home sales presentations. For more information, visit


Home-Improvement Financing App • GreenSky

With GreenSky mobile, home-improvement professionals can offer promotional payment plans to customers in their homes and receive immediate approval for up to $55,000, saving time and closing more sales. In just three simple steps, contractors scan a customer’s driver’s license, request a loan amount and receive an approval — all in less than 90 seconds. The mobile app allows professionals to spend more time talking about services and less time processing credit applications. The app is available for GreenSky-approved contractors only. For more information, visit


Home-Services Marketplace • Home Advisor

HomeAdvisor is a local home-services marketplace that helps professionals connect to project-ready homeowners and win business. In 2014 alone, HomeAdvisor connected more than 6.6 million homeowners to professionals. As part of the HomeAdvisor network, professionals have access to several Web marketing solutions, including a mobile website, expert industry advice and the HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval. This recognition is given to those who pass a background check and are customer rated and reviewed. HomeAdvisor professionals also have access to the field-service software, which assists with scheduling, payment processing, work order and lead management. For more information, visit


Mobile App • JLG Industries

The JLG Mobile Analyzer combines a free mobile application and wireless access module to provide technicians with remote access to program, troubleshoot, calibrate or customize JLG equipment performance. It allows for an operating range of up to 150 feet, is available in multiple languages and delivers information in full description read-outs. The access module plugs into a port on compatible JLG products and uses the app to transmit equipment performance data to a mobile device. As a result, technicians have greater mobility around equipment and can seek shelter during inclement weather while continuing to receive and analyze data. For more information, visit


Technical Support App • Johns Manville

The JM Roof TechXpert app is available in English and Spanish and is designed to assist the roofing mechanic during installation of JM roofing systems. Features include: the Adhesive Advisor, which estimates flash time for single-ply adhesives using temperature and humidity at a user’s location while delivering helpful product information; the Reference Library, which is an application library for select products and installation scenarios; and the Tech Locator, which helps locate and call local JM technical representative at the click of a button based on location. Download the app from the iTunes and Google App stores.


Estimating and Invoicing App • Joist

Joist is a free tool for contractors that allows users to estimate, invoice, record payments and manage projects from anywhere. Create professional estimates then email your clients right from the jobsite. Joist is designed to help contractors win more jobs and save time. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. For more information, visit


Time-Tracking App • Labor Sync

Labor Sync is designed to save users time and money. Businesses could be losing thousands of dollars every year on overpaid wages, but not anymore. Labor Sync is a cloud-based, GPS-enabled time-tracking application that lets users remotely oversee their workforce and eliminates the need for paper time sheets. With the ability to track employees and create reports, Labor Sync gives users access to the exact information they want about their jobs customized to fit their needs. For more information, visit


Safety-Monitoring System • Mobile Innovations

Using WorkplaceAware, safety managers are instantly alerted to work-related issues that can threaten the safety of employees. Facilities managers also use it to monitor workplace operations issues as they arise. This gives managers the information they need to take action quickly. The system is made up of a mobile app, a cellular printer called the MessageQube and an online dashboard. Employees use the mobile app to report issues and track the status of their reports. Reports are printed on the MessageQube, emailed to supervisors and posted to the dashboard, reaching managers promptly. For more information, visit


Fleet-Management Software • NexTraq

The NexTraq Fleet Tracking System is a cloud-based, comprehensive fleet tracking solution. NexTraq® Fleet Dispatch™ allows users to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to vehicles, and send messages to and from workers in the field. It’s included is the NexTraq Job Schedule Board, which shows all pending jobs and appointments as well as employees’ availability and status of their current jobs. Immediately contact teams in the field to clock work hours, assign jobs and find the easiest route to your customers via NexTraq Connect, a downloadable app that makes both office and field employees more efficient in daily business activities. For more information, visit


Proposal Software • RooferPro

RooferPro Software is designed by roofing contractors for roofing contractors. It customizes users’ accounts with supplier pricing so they can enter measurements and create proposals onsite. Tracking is instantly shared with staff by e-mail through proposal, installation, invoicing and payments. Estimates and purchase orders can be exported to QuickBooks in seconds. Proposals can include gutters, siding and other services. The software’s EagleView integration lets users enter aerial measurement data in one keystroke and create a good-better-best proposal in minutes. For more information, visit


Sales and Workflow App • Swyft Technology

Swyft Mobile is a mobile solution designed for contractors who have people on sales appointments or working outside of the office. Swyft allows users to run their businesses from start to job completion. It runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops. It’s easy to set up; automates all steps of the selling process; eliminates duplicate data collection; and easily connects to any existing customer data source (a backend system isn’t required). For more information, visit


Fall-Safety App • Tidyware

Many workers die from falls every year despite preventative measures. Often, these deaths could be avoided with active monitoring and faster response times. Fall Safety is an iPhone app that monitors for falls and automatically alerts emergency contacts within seconds of one occurring. It also has the ability to automate check-ins so that users can know the status of lone workers using the Fall Safety service dashboard. For more information, visit


Estimating Software • Viirt

Viirt is a Web-based mobile technology platform that uses satellite imagery to give homeowners a roof estimate in two minutes or less. Viirt’s Mobile Estimator utilizes a magnify view in the upper corner, making a mobile touch screen both user friendly and accurate. The Mobile Dashboard allows homeowners to manage their project on the go, utilizing instant communication channels and a step-by-step guide throughout the process. The integration of Twilio further opens communication between Viirt and the homeowners as well as “Viirtified” installation professionals. For more information, visit


Business­-Operations Software • Wintac Software

Wintac is an all-in-one software for the field-service industry. The software is suited for both office users and field technicians for transparent communication among users. With the mobile Web portal, field technicians can access and collect vital, real-time information from any jobsite and immediately send that data back to the office. They can also create proposals and convert them into work orders that can be saved, emailed or turned into an invoice on the spot. The software is ideal for service contractors looking to simplify everyday tasks and better manage business operations. For more information, visit