CertainTeedCertainTeed ventilation products

 CertainTeed has introduced seven new roofing ventilation products. Part of the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System®, the new product line includes CertainTeed Ridge Vent, CertainTeed Rolled Ridge Vent and CertainTeed Intake Vent.The Ridge Vent is available in 7, 9 and 12 inches with both filtered and unfiltered options. Each ridge vent is made of high-quality co-polymer to remain sturdy, nailable and flexible. The product line also includes a Class A fire-rated vent.The Rolled Ridge Vent, also available in filtered and unfiltered, is designed for use in roof pitches from 3/12 to 12/12. The product features a unique, virtually invisible profile that installs fast. The Intake Vent is easily installed on a shingled roof with or without overhangs, and can be used to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents. Internal baffles, drainage system and weather filter provide three levels of weather protection.  The intake vent allows air to flow into the attic and helps prevent heat build-up and ice dams.The new ventilation products feature proven, effective technology for shingle roofs in all climates and come with a lifetime limited warranty and five-year SureStart Protection.  For more information, visit www.certainteed.com.