BOTHELL, Wash. — EagleView Technologies Inc. has announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Mobise Inc., a software company focused on bringing desktop workflow to mobile applications. The asset acquisition highlights EagleView’s ongoing mission of providing progressive, technologically innovative solutions.

Mobise, a Redmond, Wash.-based company, is known in the assessment community for Mobise Appraiser, a mobile application that extends the power of desktop appraisal to mobile devices for easy field review and workflow. The app provides the ability for users to consult and modify data while in the field, eliminating the need to re-key data and in turn increasing accuracy for all types of field inspection. The added capacity to capture and edit floor plans, photos and notes directly from the field while integrating them into a relational database such as Pictometry® CONNECT™ has made Mobise Appraiser of great interest to assessment offices throughout the nation.

EagleView continues to actively grow its product base through organic and inorganic growth. “The Mobise acquisition allows us to continue to incorporate mobility technology with our current, web-based solutions and imagery,” EagleView President and CEO Chris Barrow said. “Not only will this incrementally expand our mobile assessment solutions, but this team will also be key in developing additional mobile applications for the many markets we serve including insurance and construction.”

“Our past experience in the assessment community showed us that our technologies would be highly compatible with EagleView innovation,” Mobise CEO Regis Bridon said. “Mobise Appraiser, which is currently being used by appraisers, is a tool that creates effective and productive workflow on and offline. The offline workflow capabilities are revolutionary for inspectors in the field who need to keep working when connectivity is limited.”

“King County, Wash., worked with Mobise throughout the development of iRealProperty, the first iteration of the mobile application,” King County Assessor Lloyd Hara said. “Due to this strong technology, we are anticipating productivity savings of $6.1 million over the next five years. The time saved is equivalent to hiring an additional eight or nine full-time employees.”

“We are committed to bringing the best-of-class mobile applications to all of our customer segments. This important, strategic acquisition adds significant and proven mobile development capabilities to our company,” concluded Barrow.

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