BOTHELL, Wash. – EagleView Technologies, a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, announced it now offers its industry-leading 3D PremiumReport™ derived from residential blueprints. Contractors, builders and distributors can simply upload the plans during the ordering process to receive accurate roof takeoffs within 48 hours.  

“Obtaining blueprint takeoffs has traditionally been a lengthy, manual process with longer than desired turnaround times,” said Rishi Daga, EagleView executive vice president of commercial sales. “Our technology is now at a point where we can derive accurate measurements quickly, allowing jobs to stay on track and eliminating long wait times for the takeoff to be delivered.”

The takeoff delivers via email as an EagleView PremiumReport and provides detailed diagrams and measurements for square footage, ridges, hips, valleys, rakes and eaves, pitch and more. A waste calculation table assists with determination of waste for each project. 

“EagleView invented and patented the technology that created the aerial measurement industry as we know it today,” stated Daga. “As the industry leader, we’re excited to continue to innovate with new ways to meet our customers’ property data needs.”  For more information, visit or