BOTHELL, Wash. – EagleView Technologies continues to develop solutions to automate traditionally manual processes with the introduction of another industry first: wall measurement reports for residential properties.

The measurements are derived from high-resolution aerial photographs using EagleView’s patented technology. The report provides a 3-D wall area diagram, the total square footage of the wall areas, the number and total square feet of windows and doors, and north, south, east and west elevation diagrams. The information is presented in an easy-to-read table format with wall sections labeled for quick reference.

“Contractors and adjusters have typically hand measured walls in order to create estimates for siding repair or replacement,” said Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView vice president of sales and marketing. “The new wall measurement reports offer an automated process to gather measurements and information faster with a higher degree of accuracy.”

In addition to increased efficiencies, the professionalism and detail of the report can lead to greater customer satisfaction, higher closing rates and improved profitability according to Ellsworth. “When a contractor or adjuster embraces and uses technology in their business it positions them as an innovative company and provides a way to differentiate their services. Customers tend to be more confident and comfortable doing business with companies that use the latest technologies.”

The reports are available now and can be ordered by simply entering a property address on EagleView’s website at