BOTHELL, Wash. — EagleView Technologies continues to provide innovative solutions to contractors through the addition of key property and weather data to its measurement reports. The date of the last known roof permit, the most recent hail event and the hail count for a property are now included on EagleView measurement reports.

Available exclusively on EagleView reports, the date of the last roofing permit will offer contractors immediate knowledge of the age of the roof. The most recent hail event at the property’s address and the inclusion of hail count information aids contractors in determining if hail damage inspections may be necessary.

“Technology should simplify business processes, “said Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView vice president of sales and marketing. “EagleView is committed to providing the technology that contractors need to increase productivity, profitability and professionalism. Making weather and building permit data easily accessible on EagleView reports enables contractors to access that important information quickly.”

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