BOTHELL, Wash. — EagleView Technologies continues to enhance its products and provide customers with easy access to important property information with the addition of rooftop penetration measurements to its commercial reports.

EagleView now provides the total number of penetrations, the total perimeter length of the penetrations and the total area or sum of all the penetration areas. The information is presented in an easy-to-read diagram and summary table.

“The addition of penetration measurements provides a more complete depiction of the roof,” said Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView vice president of sales and marketing. “It will also substantially reduce the amount of time spent in CAD programs as the DXF files provide a full sketch including the penetrations.”

With a strong commitment to all aspects of the construction and insurance industries, EagleView continues to innovate by offering technology that eliminates or minimizes manual processes. Contractors, adjusters and insurance companies receive extremely precise measurements for every part of the commercial roof, resulting in highly accurate estimates that are delivered with minimal labor requirements.

Penetration measurements are available now on EagleView Premium Commercial Reports and will be included on EagleView ClaimsReady™ Reports in July.

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