KANKAKEE, Ill. — IKO recently uploaded a new video to its proprietary YouTube Channel, IKORoof, to help homeowners better understand contractor insurance.

According to Director of Marketing Carol Perkins, the medium is proving to be very popular with homeowners. “Consumers are turning to Google and YouTube to research products and services before they make large investments in their homes,” she said. “We launched the IKORoof Channel in May, and traffic is increasing steadily.”

“IKO is committed to helping homeowners make the right decisions by providing how-to demos and information on topics they need to know about but may not have considered,” Perkins continued.

The company’s latest video is titled: Is Your Contractor Fully Insured? The video is hosted by John DeRosa, who conducts training seminars for IKO’s contractors throughout North America. He starts by pointing out that homeowners need to make sure their contractor carries both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. DeRosa goes on to explain exactly why both types are so important and the potential problems a homeowner might face if his or her chosen contractor doesn’t provide proof of such insurance.

“John even addresses the homeowner’s reluctance to ask for proof of insurance,” Perkins said. “He understands that people don’t like to seem pushy, aggressive or unknowledgeable. He speaks to those feelings because he knows from experience what can go wrong if they’re dealing with a less-than-reputable contractor.”

The video warns homeowners that it’s crucial to find out if their contractor will be doing the work himself or subcontracting the job because, even if a contractor can provide proof of insurance, it may not extend to cover the subcontractor. DeRosa tells homeowners exactly what to look for in any contract and how to tell whether or not the proof of insurance a contractor shows them is valid.

DeRosa is involved in IKO’s rigorous ShieldPRO plus+TM and Shield Certification Programs for roofing professionals. Whether or not homeowners ultimately choose an IKO-certified contractor, he wants to ensure they have all the information they need to make an informed decision that protects them and their property.

To view or subscribe to IKORoof, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/IKORoof.

For more information, visit www.iko.com.