KANKAKEE, Ill. — IKO recently uploaded a new video to the company’s proprietary YouTube channel.IKO YouTube video

The video spokesman, IKO Manager of Sales & Contractor Development John DeRosa, sets the scene for the time and materials study that follows on the site in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. He explains that there’s nothing special about the roof — it’s about 10 squares and has a pitch of approximately 9/12.

What is special is the side-by-side video of time lapse photography as the same roofing crew installs a competitor’s product and IKO’s advantage-size Cambridge shingles. A counter keeps track of how much time has elapsed as well as how many shingles, nails and total bundles were used.

Even with a seven-minute break, the time needed for the crew to install IKO’s shingles on the entire roof surface is nearly 30 minutes shorter, requiring fewer bundles of shingles and nails. The real “advantage,” DeRosa explains, is how IKO’s advantage-sized shingles put contractors in a more favorable cost position, offering them the potential for higher profits.

The video also shows the beauty of IKO’s Cambridge HD Sedona shingles. The company introduced its Nature’s Accents Collection of premium architectural laminated asphalt shingles in 2013. The collection currently includes five color blends made possible with IKO’s patented color blending technology and named for the national parks and landscapes that inspired them: Sedona, Glacier, Appalachian, Biscayne and Pacific Rim.

DeRosa said, “With their high-definition profile and truly striking color blends, Cambridge HD shingles are quickly proving popular among homeowners and contractors. As this new video clearly shows, the ‘IKO Advantage’ is realized by the contractor needing to install fewer bundles on a project. Less bundles means lower material costs, less labor to complete the job and a better bottom line for the roofer. In today’s competitive market, contractors need every possible advantage. And this is a huge one.”

 He encourages contractors to check out this new video and share it with their prospects because “seeing is believing.” To view or subscribe to the IKORoof Channel, visit www.youtube.com/user/IKORoof