Business Management Software • AccuLynx

AccuLynx is a cloud-based software solution that can help specialty trade contractors become more organized, create less waste, track and manage leads, and pay invoices in a more timely manner. This total business management solution includes a robust CRM, JobTrax workflow, estimating, work orders, JobTalk messaging and communication, cloud-based document storage and much more. Acculynx is designed to keep your company organized and connected, while allowing you more time to run an efficient company. In a recent study, contractors reported a 3-percent increase of gross revenues while saving $73.75 per job when using Acculynx. For more information, visit


Roof Inspection Reports and Takeoffs • RoofLogic

If you inspect commercial roofs, the RoofLogic mobile app will allow you to produce five times as many inspection reports, drawings, proposals and re-roof takeoffs. This is the only app with full-featured drawing capabilities. No more paper and data entry like the old days. RoofLogic is more than just an app — the backend is a comprehensive database system that you can run your business on. Now celebrating its 25th year, RoofLogic provides roofing professionals with service, project, CRM, asset management, drawing and takeoff technology. For more information, call 214-980-9634 or visit


Job Communication App • NexTraq

NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and fleet management company, offers NexTraq Connect for iPhone and iPad users, helping to close the information gap between office and field employees. This fully integrated application allows users to record clock in/out and break times, communicate job status, view job locations and directions, assign drivers to vehicles and track vehicle maintenance needs. The app provides information to employees in real time, allowing fleet management to become a more automated process. These features help driver dispatchers make more informed decisions when routing, planning for maintenance, and providing job locations and directions. For more information, visit


Mobile Time Card • HCSS

HCSS has added a mobile phone time card to its selection of mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets. From the makers of HeavyBid construction estimating software and HeavyJob field management software, the time card app allows foremen and superintendents in the field to enter time and see job production data on their smartphones. The time card app is ideal for individuals or small crews like truck drivers or flagging crews who may not be issued a laptop, and also for larger crews that may prefer a mobile device to laptops. For more information, visit


Slope and Skew Online Calculator • Simpson Strong-Tie

Determining the slope and skew angles related to hip and valley beams can be a challenge made even more difficult when the roof slopes on each side of the hip or valley are different. The new Simpson Strong-Tie Slope and Skew Calculator makes it easy by performing all of the necessary trigonometry for each hanger condition in the roof. Simply enter the roof pitches and press the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will supply the direction and precise angles for the framing members and connectors. For more information, visit


Remodeler iPad App • GAF

The GAF Remodeler iPad app provides the first, real-time rendering and application of a GAF shingle on to an image of a homeowner’s house. Taking full advantage of the iPad’s camera and display technology, GAF Remodeler provides high-resolution images of GAF’s residential shingles and makes them available to contractors at a swipe of a finger. The GAF Remodeler app helps contractors respond quickly and effectively to their homeowners’ questions regarding how a particular shingle would look on their homes. Addressing these questions in real-time helps contractors keep homeowners engaged, shows homeowners multiple options and allows contractors to close more sales. For more information, visit


Mobile Field Manager

• Viewpoint

Mobile Field Manager by Viewpoint Construction Software provides contractors an effective mobile application suite to track and record time, equipment and production hours from remote locations, even those without network connectivity. Featuring seamless integration with your existing ERP solution or Viewpoint V6 Software, field teams can easily enter information on Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, and send that data back to the office for review and approval. Welcome to real-time field connectivity, increased visibility on what has been done in the field and better control of your world. For more information, call 800-333-3197 or email


Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool  • Joist

Joist is a new tool for contractors that allows them to estimate, invoice, record payments and manage projects from anywhere. Impress clients, close more sales, and save time by building estimates and invoices on the spot. Joist is free to download and use. Available on iPhone/iPad and on the web. For more information, visit


Product Resource App • TAMKO

With Shingle Styles, users of this iPad app can now view TAMKO’s popular roofing products at their fingertips. As part of TAMKO’s strategy to provide innovative and informative resources to customers, the app provides a product resource that is easy to use. The Shingle Styles iPad app brings together the resources and functionality of while capitalizing on the high-definition graphics and touch-screen features of the iPad to give users the best possible experience. The Shingle Styles app is available for download from the App Store for iPad at For more information, visit


Roof Estimating Software

• AppliCad

AppliCad has bundled all its software modules into one complete solution — roof and wall cladding, commercial and residential, steep slope and flat. The process is simple: users model the roof and walls in 2-D or 3-D from PDFs or aerial images, select the cladding systems they need, and the software does the rest. A comprehensive list of custom output options and professional reports are available with as much or as little information as needed. Seamless integration with Microsoft Word or Excel for report generation, text file output to business management systems and manufacturing details for production. For more information, visit


Time Tracking App • Labor Sync

Based in Dumont, N.J., Labor Sync is the brainchild of Dean and Al Logan and Joe Burger, who launched the Labor Sync app in 2009. Labor Sync gives businesses the ability to track the time and location of their mobile workforce using an app on a smartphone. The app works with the two dominant smartphone platforms, iPhone and Android, as well as tablets and similar products. There is no more need for time sheets. More than 800 firms in 15 countries use Labor Sync across multiple industries including construction, accounting, healthcare, industrial and more. For more information, contact Dean Logan at 1-877-411-5666 or visit


Roofing Spec Writing Software • CertainTeed

Available online, CertaSpec roofing spec writing software makes proposal generation and spec writing easier for roofing contractors and specifiers. It includes LEED information as well as the ability to create customizable accounts, which provide efficient project tracking and readily accessible technical product information. CertaSpec allows users to quickly write accurate residential and commercial roofing specifications for job-submittal packages. Live updates are routinely made, keeping the system current and accurate. Once specifications are finalized, the system generates submittal package materials that can be printed, emailed or saved electronically. For more information, visit


Online Measurement Reports • RooferPro/EagleView

RooferPro now offers contractors access to EagleView Measurement Reports. Many companies offer management tools for roofing contractors, but only RooferPro provides customized comprehensive tools, accessed over the Internet, with customer results instantly shared with staff by email — from first call through proposal, contract signing, installation and billing. RooferPro provides customized online solutions specifically designed for residential and commercial roofing contractors. RooferPro enables users to enter a customer, order an EagleView aerial measurement report, and automatically generate a Good-Better-Best proposal that customers can review online. The estimate and signed contract can all be accomplished without a site visit. For more information, visit


Online Asset Management Tool • Tecta America

Tecta Tracker is Tecta America Corp.’s proprietary web-based roof asset management tool that empowers building owners to proactively manage their roofing portfolios and prolong roof service life through regular maintenance, planned repairs and targeted roof replacements. Tecta Tracker begins by performing a detailed roof inventory and assessment. Remaining roof service life is estimated using ten key benchmarks, including the condition of the roofing membrane, seams and flashings, drainage condition and age, and budgets are created for the short and long term. Clients can access their information, request service, run reports and view custom CAD drawings on demand at


Mobile App • Carlisle SynTec

Carlisle SynTec Systems has developed a free mobile app for smart phones and tablets, available for immediate download in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The app allows users to log in to the Carlisle SynTec Systems website and immediately access standard and customized submittal packages for all assemblies, in addition to product reference guides, specifications, sell sheets, product data sheets, warranty information and installation videos.  The app also shows all of Carlisle’s installation, tie-in and flashing details for EPDM, TPO and PVC systems in full color with zoom capabilities. For more information, visit


Roof Design and Quoting Program • CADMethods

 Developed by CADMethods, Exact Roofing is a roofing design and quoting program that takes the time and effort out of compiling roof cost estimates for customers. This software provides estimates, quotes and visual imagery for shingles, tiles, metal tiles and standing-seam roofs. Exact Roofing takes the user through a series of easy steps to draw the roof and then derives the estimate from the drawing. The result is: faster and more accurate quotes, a dimensioned drawing to verify what was quoted, a 3-D model to enhance the quote, a 3-D visual image for marketing, and a standing-seam blocking pattern. For more information, visit


EagleView Estimator™ • EagleView® Technologies

EagleView® Technologies invented the concept of 3D aerial measurements using patented technology.  EagleView’s roof and wall measurement reports provide contractors with the most accurate exterior measurements, flow seamlessly into EagleView Estimator™ for highly precise proposals and serve as a marketing, production and warranty tool. 

From the minute you receive a lead to preparing the estimate and making the sales presentation, from accurately ordering materials and calculating waste to the final job closing and warranty packet, EagleView assists you throughout the entire process.  Streamline the job lifecycle and increase your profitability when you EagleView It! Visit  or call 866.659.8439 today.