Aerial Roof MeasurementsProduct Focus 1

EagleView Technologies

EagleView Technologies invented the concept of 3-D aerial roof measurements using proprietary patent-pending software. EagleView’s reports provide roofing contractors the most accurate measurements and serve as a marketing, production and warranty tool. Streamline the roofing job life cycle and increase your profitability when you use EagleView. For more information, call 866-659-8439 or visit


Plan Takeoff SoftwareProduct Focus 2

Tally Systems, Inc.

Tally Systems offers plan takeoff software for PDF and other digital formats. QuickMeasure OnScreen embeds your Excel toolbar with four measuring icons, giving you full digital plan takeoff power while working within your existing spreadsheets. Eliminate the cost and hassle of printing digital plans to paper. Calculates both flat and sloped roof areas and print a color coded picture of the entire roof. For more information, call 800-748-6636 or visit

Product Focus 3Web-Based Business Software


AccuLynx is a web-based software as a service, built especially for the roofing industry. AccuLynx is an enterprise solution that allows contractors to run their entire business more efficiently and profitable. Seamless integrations with companies such as QuickBooks, EagleView and HailWatch make it easy to reduce overhead cost, time and waste. Take control of your business today and try it free for 30 days. For more information, call 866-981-5969 or visit

Solar Asset PlanningProduct Focus 4


AppliCad is a specialist 3-D CAD application company offering automated modeling and estimating tools for the roofing industry. The AppliCad development team has recently changed their attention to the needs of the solar industry and now has tools for the remote measurement of building structures, calculation of shadows and solar radiation and client report generation. The output may be used for solar asset planning and design, client proposals, engineering and financial analysis and ROI calculations. For more information, visit


Product Focus 5Dashboard Interface

GPS Insight

GPS Insight, a provider of GPS tracking solutions for commercial fleets, recently released its powerful, yet simple new dashboard interface. The company drew upon three years of customer advice, feedback, and development which have culminated in this new release. By using the new interface, fleet managers are more able to perform all necessary fleet management functions. For more information, call 866-477-4321 or e-mail

Roof Estimating SoftwareProduct Focus 6

Exact Roofing

Exact Roofing estimates/quotes by the user drawing a model into the computer. The result is a faster, more accurate quote. The output, along with a quotation, includes a dimensioned 2-D drawing plus a 3-D drawing. The Visual Imager Module turns the quote into a marketing tool by showing a realistic view of the products quoted on the roof. Sold in more than 25 countries — in three languages — quotes include asphalt shingles, standing seam, metal tiles, and clay tiles. For more information, visit


Product Focus 7Safety System

Capital Safety

i-Safe 3.0 is an intelligent safety system that uses radio frequency identification. It allows users to record and access information on inspections and inventory; track equipment assignments by worker or location; view safety information and equipment instructions; and access links to standards. The system offers standard and customizable system software solutions for easy information management and a mobile device for on-site inspections. For more information, call 800-328-6146 or visit

Business Management SoftwareProduct Focus 8

Intac International Inc.

Wintac Pro is the all-in-one business management software for roofing contractors. Suited for any size company, it integrates customer relationship management, estimating, job costing, job scheduling, service dispatching, progress billing, purchasing, inventory, accounting, payroll, vehicle management, and marketing in one seamless program. For more information and a free demo, call 800-724-7899 or visit


Product Focus 9Safety Software as a Service

Predictive Solutions

SafetyNet from Predictive Solutions is the leading technology for saving lives by predicting workplace injuries. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps customers collect and analyze safety data enabling them to predict and prevent injuries. Customers using SafetyNet achieve a more robust safety culture resulting in a reduced number of injuries, higher productivity and a safer, more empowered workforce. For more information, visit


FirestoneRoof Mobile AppProduct Focus 10

Firestone Building Products

FirestoneRoof, a free mobile web app, provides building owners, facility managers and roofing consultants instant access to Firestone commercial roofing experts from most Internet-enabled mobile phones. It allows users to submit questions regarding commercial roofing systems/components to Firestone’s Quality Building Services team; report a leak or maintenance issue; and request an on-site visit and detailed assessment from a local roof services provider. iPhone or iPad users can search “FirestoneRoof” in the iTunes App Store. Most other smartphone users can text “FBP” to 84773 to have a link to the mobile web application sent to their phone. For more information, visit


Product Focus 11Vehicle Fleet Software

Ownersite Technologies

Ownersite is a comprehensive, web-based vehicle maintenance reminder and expense tracking solution for companies with fleets of all sizes. Special features include customizable service alerts, mobile data entry and extensive reporting capabilities. Starting at just $50 per year, Ownersite can save fleet owners up to $200 per vehicle annually by helping prevent repairs common with overlooked maintenance. For information or a free trial, visit


Estimating/Invoicing SoftwareProduct Focus 12

H.I. Technologies, LLC

C.H.I.P. by H.I. Technologies is a computer program that focuses on the complete process of exterior home improvements. C.H.I.P. allows users to control all job costs from estimates to total invoicing, work order sheets, and material order sheets. C.H.I.P also incorporates RRP record keeping, estimate status, as well as a ways control sales reps and certified contracted installers with simplicity and efficiency. For more information, visit


Product Focus 13Customized Proposals

RooferPro Software

RooferPro provides customized comprehensive tools, accessed over the Internet, with customer results instantly shared with staff by e-mail from first call, through proposal, contract signing, installation and billing. The company’s online solutions are specifically designed for residential and commercial roofing contractors. With its GeoEstimator partnership (now a division of Pictometry), RooferPro enables users to enter a customer, order an aerial measurement, and generate a “good-better-best” proposal that the customer and contractor can review online together. For more information, visit

Mobile Roof AssessmentProduct Focus 14


RoofLogic introduces RoofLogic Mobile, a mobile version of its roof assessment system that allows users to record inspection information, complete with drawings and photos, on the rooftop with a tablet or phone. Reports generated on site are immediately accessible via the Customer Portal. A mobile app is only as good as its platform. A proven track record of dependability is required and what is delivered with RoofLogic. For more information, visit

Product Focus 15Roof Management Software

Digital Facilities Corporation

Digital Facilities Corporation offers RoofPro™, a professional roof management solution specified by building owners and used by professional roofing service firms, and Service Manager Pro™, for online reporting and tracking of service calls with custom setup for roofing service departments. For more information, call 978-266-1725 or visit


Project Management SoftwareProduct Focus 16

Roofing Contractor Solutions, Inc.

RCSi MateriaListSM creates accurate roof data based on simple roof diagrams, drawn from ground or roof measurements using RCSi EstimatorSM. RCSi MateriaListSM is web-based and generates a precise list of construction materials required to complete a roofing project. It eliminates calculation errors, material shortages, overages, and data-transfer inaccuracies. Offered in three report structures — standard, manufacturer-specific, and customized — lists are affordably priced, allowing contractors to choose reports to suit specific projects. For more information, visit