QuickSite • GAF

GAF has announced the launch of GAF QuickSite, reports that provide complete site-specific data formatted to help contractors and design professionals work faster and more effectively. GAF QuickSite reports are available for both residential and commercial properties and include local building codes and roof design criteria, roof condition assessments, hail/wind weather history and parcel data like ownership information. GAF QuickSite is available as a standalone report or you can also order a GAF QuickMeasure™ report at the same time to save. For more information, visit gaf.com/QuickSite.

Ozbee Team Software

Ozbee • Ozbee

Ozbee, developed by the Beldon family, stems from their extensive experience in construction for over 75 years. Understanding the needs of their customers, they spent years evaluating and integrating different software solutions. However, realizing the need for a unified platform, they took matters into their own hands and created one. Now, they are making this comprehensive software available to others. Recognizing the significance of safeguarding sensitive information like leads, finances, and customer data, Ozbee ensures exclusive access only to the authorized users, giving you complete control over your data. For more information, visit ozbee.com.

ToolWatch EHS

ToolWatch EHS • ToolWatch

ToolWatch EHS is a comprehensive environmental health and safety product offering that helps general and specialty contractors more effectively manage their safety programs. The addition of EHS expands the ToolWatch construction operations platform to integrate safety and compliance with other job site workflows and data, improving overall performance by reducing risk and achieving regulatory compliance. ToolWatch EHS offers a suite of safety management tools, enabling construction organizations to manage all aspects of safety and compliance on a single platform. These capabilities include inspections, compliance reporting, training, observations, incidents, job safety analyses, custom safety forms, and a dashboard for administration, data analysis, and reporting. For more information, visit toolwatch.com/solutions/ehs-management.

Atlas Web Injector

The Atlas Web Injector • Atlas Roofing Corporation

With the Atlas Web Injector, you can quickly inject Atlas product pages, design tools and shingle selection resources right into your website. This easy-to-use tool allows potential customers to visualize their new roof without ever leaving your company’s page. They can also see all of the available features and advantages of Atlas products, including 3M™ Scotchgard™ Protector, 3M Cool Roof Technology and 3M Smog-Reducing Granules. Simplify your customers’ decision-making process and rev up your sales by turbocharging your website with the Atlas Web Injector. For more information, log into your AtlasPRO+™ account or become an AtlasPRO today at AtlasRoofing.com/pro.


RoofPro • Digital Facilities Corp.

RoofPro™ is a commercially available roof management module that offers advanced time saving tools. Offered by Digital Facilities Corp. with 20-plus years developing RAM technology. The FM-Pro™ SaaS application offers multiple building asset options with flexible subscription plans. The application software can incorporate details as built construction records with a document management at both the facility and roof management pages. RoofPro™ data standards provide opportunities for advanced roofing performance tracking. Dashboard options for live data analytics. The standard reports include expert budgets and templates with easy selections for producing professional reports, with options for data, photos and attached PDF documents.For more information, visit digitalfac.net.

Clay Design-A-Blend Tool

Clay Design-A-Blend Tool • Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions

Clay Design-A-Blend Tool allows architects and homeowners to create and visualize custom color blends for US Tile® Clay Roofing Products. The intuitive online tool allows users to identify preferred installation styles, realistic colors and personal blending preferences for their home or project. Users select a regular or staggered deck installation type, then pan color, and, finally, tile color, clicking on the deck to view results. Users may also view on a four times larger deck, save a .png to their desktop for CAD renderings, print, or email to clients or others for review. For more information, visit westlakeroyalroofing.com/clay-blend-designer.

Owens Corning Tech Stack

Tech Stack • Owens Corning

The Owens Corning Tech Stack is an integrated suite of roofing industry leading technology solutions that work seamlessly together to scale your business faster and solve problems quicker. Key insights from captured data points allows for greater awareness of how the business is performing, enabling the business to make adjustments in real time to stay on track with goals and objectives. For more information, visit owenscorning.com/en-us/roofing-techstack-process.

AppliCad's Roof Wizard

Roof Wizard • AppliCad

Since 1991, AppliCad's Roof Wizard has revolutionized metal roofing and has become the software of choice for roofing estimators worldwide. Utilizing AppliCad's 3D CAD-based tools, roofing professionals can simulate roof and siding geometry, calculate material needs, and even optimize metal offcut reuse. The system can send cutting list data to roll forming machines, reducing errors and boosting productivity. With Roof Wizard, estimators can efficiently manage 10-15 residential take-off jobs daily, including detailed labor and material costs. Professionals choose AppliCad to master complex metal roofing and siding projects. For more information, visit applicad.com.