WOBURN, Mass. — RHEINZINK America has announced major changes in its line of titanium zinc products for façade cladding, roofing and drainage goods. Existing products have been renamed and improved, and new products have been added.

The company’s classic finish known as “preweathered” is now branded as prePATINA and continues to be available in blue-grey, graphite-grey and bright rolled finishes as part of the PATINA LINE. prePATINA graphite-grey now offers a new generation of darker color that is designed to stay darker longer.

“These new names are trademarked to better protect our brand,” President Chip McGowan said. “The previous ‘preweathered’ term had become somewhat generic and associated with various other metals and metal finishes. We view this rebranding effort, combined with our new product offerings, as representative of our commitment to innovation and industry leadership.”

In addition to the PATINA LINE, new product offerings include the PROTECT LINE, COLOR LINE and INTERIEUR LINE.

The PROTECT LINE was developed for added surface protection, and to slow the natural patination process. A transparent coating helps maintain the color of the prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey over an extended period of time. For aesthetic reasons, the durable surface protection is recommended for soffits and coastal and tropical environments.

The new COLOR LINE offers RHEINZINK in five standard painted colors including blue, tile-red, moss-green, pearl-gold and nut-brown. The metal surface is coated with a PVDF color at the RHEINZINK production plant, leaving the positive characteristics of the titanium zinc intact during the manufacturing process.

The INTERIEUR LINE provides a transparent, durable coating that protects the prePATINA blue-grey and graphite-grey surfaces for a wide range of interior applications.

For more information, visit www.rheinzink.us.