Cleveland-based roofing manufacturer, The Garland Company, recently unveiled Green-Lock Plus White to its family of Green-Lock Plus high-performance adhesives, used to construct multiply modified bitumen roofing systems. The new white-colored adhesive provides the additional benefit of serving as a reflective surfacing option when combined with white marble aggregate.

The company said in a release how Green-Lock Plus White features an environmentally non-asphaltic formulation made of 100% solids, with no VOCs and no solvents. Its roll-out follows the recent announcement that its original Green-Lock Plus recently gained certification as a Biopreferred product by the US Department of Agriculture. The release noted that its UV reflectivity increase also improves energy efficiency for a building when used as a flood coat with white marble aggregate.

“We know that energy efficiency is a priority, and a brighter surface that reduces UV absorption delivers on that front,” said Ed Buczek, director of product management for The Garland Company. “But roofing isn’t one size fits all. With Green-Lock Plus White, buildings that need a flood-and-gravel surface can reduce thermal shock and more easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.”    

The Garland announcement also underscored how Green-Lock Plus White, in addition to its sustainable benefits, is “contractor-friendly”; it is ready to use and applied with a roller, squeegee, or as a flood coat to white marble aggregate. Additionally, it is rain-safe and cures in as few as four hours after application.

In its release, Garland underscored that Green-Lock Plus White could be applied directly to various types of substrates, including G-P Gypsum DensDeck Prime, DensDeck DuraGuard, SecuRock, or high-density asphalt-coated wood fiberboard. Additionally, the new product works well as single or multiple plies of approved Garland base sheets and membranes and functions equally well on flat roofs up to slopes as steep as 3:12.   

 “The most sustainable roofing project, and the most contractor-friendly, is the one that doesn’t require re-work, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t cause headaches for the building owner,” Buczek added. “With Green-Lock Plus White, we’re able to deliver outstanding waterproofing and performance, with game-changing sustainability benefits that provide superior total cost of ownership.”

Green-Lock Plus White is available from any of Garland’s 220-plus territory managers located across the US and Canada. To learn more about Green-Lock Plus White, visit