SPRING, Texas — Bayer MaterialScience LLC now offers its Applicator Fundamentals Program in Spanish. The free, interactive, online program is geared toward spray polyurethane foam (SPF) contractors and applicators; it addresses the basics of SPF application, equipment, and safety.

The company developed the Applicator Fundamentals Program to promote the use of SPF insulation and roofing in residential and commercial applications. The program has seven modules that include an overview on SPF, jobsite and spray rig preparation, equipment operation, wall application, roof application and coatings.

The Bayer Applicator Fundamentals Program illustrates proper application and installation of SPF. Bayer has offered the informative free program in English at its website spf.bayermaterialscience.com for more than a year. The Bayer Applicator Fundamentals Program combined with the Center for the Polyurethane Industries (CPI) SPF Chemical Health and Safety Online Training program provides a best practices guide to safe spray polyurethane foam products and uses. Completion of both the CPI Safety Training and Bayer Applicator Fundamentals Program is prerequisite to enroll in Bayer’s hands-on Applicator Information Program. Martha Vandamme, senior technical marketing manager, Bayer MaterialsScience LLC Spray Insulation and Roofing Materials, manages Bayer’s suite of SPF applicator programs.

“Our contractors have been asking for a Spanish version of the Applicator Fundamentals Program ever since we released the original English program,” RJ Anderson, technical service manager, Bayer MaterialScience LLC Spray Insulation and Roofing Materials, said. “Better information benefits the entire SPF industry, yet we know SPF applicators have the most critical need for current safety and best practices information. Now, Spanish-speaking applicators across the country have easy access to a program that informs them about jobsite safety and SPF installation.”

For more information, visit www.spf.bayermaterialscience.com.